“I love the way he says my name. With the elegance and utmost respect of a King, just before he bows to his Queen.”

– M.J. Abraham


Also known as face-sitting, Queening is when a woman makes another person have mouth to genital contact with her, or mouth to anal contact, by sitting on their face.

The Fetish

When someone really wants to be dominated by having another person’s genitals shoved in their mouth, with their full weight behind it, then they are into queening. Having a dominant femme in your sexual relationship might entail you being made to breathe in and out through her vagina for a good amount of time, so it’s best to practice building your lung capacity. This can easily ride alongside a bit of an asphyxiation fetish, so it’s best to be a little careful and make sure your partner knows the signal for you needing them off of you. Queening can also be done with another person’s ass as well, where their anus is in contact with your mouth as they sit on your face. The person’s face that’s being sat upon often uses their tongue inside of the sitter to grant an orgasm to the one that’s doing the “Queening”.

What To Do

This is not an uncommon fetish at all, but involves a little more dominance than regular cunnilingus or anilingus. There are plenty of dommes out there that will gladly shove their genitals or ass on your face – and they have the experience to establish the proper signals with you to know when you can’t breathe. If you’re searching out people for this fetish there will be plenty of online discussions and adult films that involve “Queening”. Since this fetish isn’t rare at all and has plenty of interested parties, it won’t be difficult to find people that will gladly sit on your face.

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