Public Sex

“If modesty disappeared, so would exhibitionism.”

-Mason Cooley


Public sex is any sex act that takes place in a public place where witnesses or spectators may discover the action. Sometimes these are places that sanction public sex like a sex party where everyone is watching, and other times it is a place like a park where the couple involved has sex under a blanket, or the hot action takes place in the secrecy of a restroom. Either way, public sex is usually about exhibitionism, and for some, the risk of getting caught is a big part of the thrill.

First Time Public Sex

When you are just starting out with public sex, it might seem daunting to let it all hang out right away. If you are into purposeful public sex at parties, it might be good to start by simply walking around naked or in your underwear, and watching other couples fucking before you put yourself out of your comfort zone. For public sex it is usually best to start in a secretive location like a closed restroom. This also ensures that no one actually walks in on you accidentally, which can get you into big trouble!

Be Careful

You can actually get arrested if you have sex in a place where it is not supposed to happen, especially if people who aren’t supposed to see what you are doing can see it, so being careful is imperative. You should definitely be as discreet as possible and try to make as little noise as you can. It might sound fun to join the mile high club or to get a blowjob on a hike, but you may shock some unsuspecting passersby and they might not be happy about it. Discretion is key!

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