“Heaven has no taste and not one, single sushi restaurant.”

-Terri Pratchett


Nyotaimori is a Samurai tradition from feudal times that objectifies a person as a serving dish for sushi or other food items. It has become a common thing to see at luxurious swinger parties, and other types of events where people want to impress their guests and help them become a little horny. It’s a party where sushi is served, but instead of plates or even the little sushi trains you see at some restaurants, the dishes are actually beautiful women who have been specially trained to lay still for hours at a time after bathing with special soap as a kinky way to serve guests a spectacular meal.


Nyotaimori (or Nantaimori if the models are guys) started in Japan, of course. It began when samurais started to be the Dominant part of the culture. When they would come back from a battle, successful, they would celebrate with this type of party, eating sushi off of naked geishas. Now it is done just for the heck of it whenever people want to have a good party. Traditionally, models would use a special unscented soap and get doused in cold water before lying down. In the Japanese tradition of being a human sushi plate, the girls don’t talk to or even acknowledge the diners, but at some Western parties in modern days, they do and that’s part of the fun. Has your plate ever talked back to you?

Eating Clean

If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking, is that sanitary? Many places that have Nyotaimori parties put the sushi on leaves or cloths so that it doesn’t touch the skin directly. Some states and countries have regulations that actually require the girl to get covered in plastic to further protect her skin from the sushi. This helps to prevent any contamination of the food – or the girl, in case there are any particularly naughty party guests. Still it’s not entirely uncommon for a VIP to slip a finger into his favorite Nyotaimori while selecting an assortment of appetizers from between her tits.

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