“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

-Robert Duvall


Olfactophilia is a fetish for smells and it involves becoming sexually aroused by smells and odors. The arousal typically comes from the smells of the human body, and particularly those coming from sexual body parts. It is also known as osmolagnia, while Sigmund Freud referred to a less sexual version of this arousal as osphresiolagnia.

He Who Smelt It Dealt It

Have you ever taken a moment to take in the lusciousness of your partner’s smell? Maybe you just smell their head or the back of their neck, or maybe you bury your nose in their pubic hair and get a good whiff of their musk. For many people, the smell of our partner evokes feelings of love and comfort, but it can also evoke arousal. Olfactophiliacs are specifically aroused by their partner’s smells and often times the more pungent the better.

Aphrodisiac Odors

Smells have often been thought of as aphrodisiacs. The smell of another person is known to be arousing. For one, pheromones are buried in our body smells and pheromones are known to have a direct arousing affect. An olfactophiliac might also bury their nose in your armpit to smell your body odor, or between your butt cheeks. There are many people that believe smell is the cornerstone of attraction. Freud believed that smell is such a powerful aphrodisiac that as a society we needed to dampen how people smelled so we would not be constantly sex-crazed.

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