“Walk Nude, and people won’t need to undress you with their eyes.”

-Thomas Fuller


Nudism, also known as naturism, is a practice followed by people who believe that being naked is always better. For many nudists, it is not even a sexual practice, but simply one that makes them feel wild, organic and free. For others, attending nudist events and going to naturist resorts is something they do in a voyeuristic way gawking at all the beautiful naked bodies, and being among other likeminded friends who enjoy being nude or having swinging adventures at the same time. Many swingers only getaways or vacations are held at nudist resorts, and are held during weekends when only swingers are invited to the place, so no one feels awkward or underdressed.

Nudist Etiquette

Since nudism isn’t always a sexual thing, there is a certain etiquette most naturists follow. First of all, cameras are often not allowed in nude spaces. People want to be able to relax and let it all hang out in these places, and having cameras around might make some people feel tense. It’s also polite to carry a towel with you and always sit on the towel. Never sit on any piece of furniture naked, for sanitary reasons.

Be Confident Don’t Act Confident

Some people who want to experience a nudist space feel worried that they don’t have that pornstar body they’ve always wanted. Don’t worry. One major reason many people become nudists is because the practice helps them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. They often stop seeing that cellulite as a flaw and start to be able to embrace all the natural things about their body that they used to nit pick. The one thing nudists find sexier than anything else is self-esteem. Nothing is a bigger turnoff than an insecure asshats acting like they are proud of their body, and nothing is sexier than seeing a genuine person at peace with the body they inhabit. You are already everything you need to be, and everyone else will accept that as soon as you do.

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