“It’s not how you pick your nose, it’s where you put that booger that counts.”

-Tre Cool


Nasolingus is the act of licking or sucking on someone’s nose in a sexual fashion. It can also include eating the snot from the person’s nose. 

A Nose for Sex

Any part of the body can be sexy. To find a specific, not usually considered erogenous, part of the body sexy is often called a paraphilia. Nasolingus is a perfect example of paraphilia, because those that love doing it have a sexual attraction to the nose. This attraction goes beyond visual – a person with a nasolingus fetish wants to act out on their attraction and engage in sexual activity with the nose. Typically a sexual encounter with a nose will include sucking and licking, including sticking their tongue up inside the nostrils. For many people, if they are able to suck out snot it is considered a wonderful bonus. Sometimes sex with a nose can include finger penetration but typically it is about the tongue.


There are a few risks with nasolingus. First, sucking someone’s snot is not a good idea. Our body expels bacteria and contaminants out of our body through mucus. Snot is the product of our lymphatic system cleaning itself. This means that snot is a gooey mess of bacteria. Eating this can lead to infection. Sucking snot out of someone’s nose can also lead to infection for the suckee.  Sucking with too much pressure can lead to sinus infections. Additionally, the human mouth is not clean. Sticking your tongue in someone’s nose can introduce harmful bacteria leading to a sinus infection, or other kind of infections. 

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