“The enjoyment of the sufferer finds expression in those moans; if he did not feel enjoyment in them he would not moan.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Moaning is an action that is sometimes associated with complaining, but that is not the type of moaning that we are talking about. We are talking about the deep moans and sighs that come with a good fucking. Moaning is a sure sign of good things happening during a sexual encounter. Pornstars are great at moaning and showing you that they are having a good time. Find out what will make your partner moan and you’ll surely be on your way to a satisfying sexual relationship.

Make ‘er Moan

How do you make someone moan? Well, if you are a guy with a female friend then you can lick her pussy to give her plenty of orgasms. She will certainly appreciate it and she will love to orgasm right on your face while she is moaning. If you fuck her good with your cock she will also moan if you’re doing a great job. You can moan too if a chick is sucking your dick and making you feel real good. Moaning is like a great feedback system. It lets you know you’re doing a good job and communicates the same to your partner.

Types of Moans

There are all types of moans and groans. There are soft ones and loud ones. There are those high pitched ones that squeak out when you are not expecting it and those low groans that cause a rumble to shake the floor. Moans of all sorts are great for your sexual experiences, and whatever types of moans or sex sounds you make are perfect for your situation. Moaning is just another way to communicate that you are having a good time, so let your moans fly free during your sexual escapades.

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