“A love triangle is a threesome delayed.”

-Mokokoma Mokhonoana


A threesome is a great thing, as you probably already know or can imagine. An MMF threesome is when two guys and a girl get together for some fun. This creates a lot of possibility for different combinations of penetration and different positions and configurations. Two cocks are better than one to some of the most worthy sluts. Most pornstars dream of the day that they get to experience this hot occurrence, and most of them will get to have it if it is something that they want. Find out what your threesome life could be like by watching them get their dreams made into reality.

Bring MMF Into Your Life

So you want to have an MMF threesome? Now you can make it come true with a few tips. First of all, some guys shy away from doing this because they think there is an air of homosexuality to it. Well, as they say “it’s not gay if it’s in a threeway.” Even if it is a little gay, who cares…you’re stretching a hot chick’s holes. So once you get over that idea, it’s best to do it with a buddy because if you’re crossing swords you want it to be with someone that you know. Then find a slutty chick who wants to get fucked by two guys, which shouldn’t be too hard – just hop on one of those swipey dating apps, and you’ll find one in no time.

The Positions and Possibilities

With two cocks instead of one you can do so many things. Like double penetration, which is when one cock is stuck in the pussy and one is put into the ass, giving a chick an amazing feeling. You can also try more extreme double penetration variants like double anal and double vaginal. This is stuff that you can’t just spring on a girl, though. You should give them some time to prepare with hole stretching tactics like anal plugs and lots of pounding beforehand.

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