Roman Showers

“The act of vomiting deserves your respect. It’s an orchestral event of the gut.”

– Mary Roach, Packing for Mars


Colloquially a Roman Shower is when one person expels their stomach, also called vomiting, on another person to create a form of sexual excitement and satisfaction for both parties.

The Fetish

This fetish involves one person vomiting on another person – that can be accomplished in multiple ways. Setting up an intentional play space to make the cleaning up of this fetish easier is a smart thing to plan ahead for. A Roman Shower is an act that is usually prepared for ahead of time, and it may even involve agreement around exactly what the sub involved will eat beforehand. Adding different colors to the food being ingested may add even more excitement for the person being vomited on, and that can be discussed ahead of time. This may tie in with someone wanting to see what the other person is eating, or possibly feeding them as well.

What To Do

With Roman Showers as your fetish you might not find an abundance of folks that want to participate in this without vetting them ahead of time. There are going to be online discussions where you should be able to find others with a similar interest, and they may also have suggestions for how to approach new partners about your desires. If you go to professional dungeons or talk to professional doms, you will be able to find someone that either has experience with implementing this kink, or can put you in the right direction of someone that will be able to. There are several adult films that will involve this kink, specialty magazines, and online resources to explore it further if you’re interested.

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