Rough Sex

“The way of the pioneer is always rough.”

-Harvey S. Firestone


Rough sex is for people who like it rough. It’s not necessarily BDSM but it may take some common aspects from that practice. People who like rough sex often enjoy things like humiliation to go along with their fucking, and they might want to get held down or restrained in some way, but the main difference between BDSM and rough sex is that rough sex is all about actual fucking that occurs. It often involves deep throat blowjobs, face fucking, and powerful hole pounding that is not for the inexperienced for faint of heart. Rough sex lovers tend to also enjoy more things like threesomes with double penetration and maybe even some double anal or double vaginal going on!

How to Start

If you are interested in rough sex, it’s something that both partners have to be into, so rough sex success starts in dating. You should talk a little bit about what kind of sex you like before you get into the fucking process, so that you make sure your partner won’t be upset when you ask them to pull their hair! Even though it’s not BDSM, most people who play rough have a safeword because things can get pretty hard quickly. Always keep watch over your rough sex sub and make sure that they are having a good time if you’re the one in charge.

Rough Sex Inspiration

Porn is the number one play to go for rough sex inspiration so you should watch some to see what positions and techniques people use. One fun one is to reach around grab the person’s mouth while you are fucking them from behind. If you have a friend, they can fuck your girl’s face while you do this. Otherwise, you can always just get inspiration for positions that give you the most leverage to pound the pussy of someone super hard and fast!

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