“It should not be a crime to discuss any idea, however outrageous.”

-Patrick Califia-Rice


Sexology is the study of sex. It hasn’t been one that is prominent in the scholarly fields of higher education because sex has always been something that people turn their noses up at academically or a field that is considered a sub category of other disciplines like sociology and psychology. The people who focus on sexology usually enter from other relevant fields of study such as biology, psychology, sociology and even criminology. It is a very intersectional area of study in which people can learn a lot about human behaviors. Sexologists study all sorts of things including sexual development, fetishes, gender identity and even old people sex. The opportunities are endless.

Why Do You Need Sexology?

Many sex therapists and open-minded therapists are also sexologists who study sex and have a wide knowledge of sexual dysfunctions that you might come to them for. Sexology also leads to the development of new and modern sex toys that are better than the ones that came before them! Plus, the study of sex always leads to new insights into relationships and sexual behaviors that is simply interesting to read about whenever you come across a cool article! It’s a great way to learn about any sexual problems like the inability to orgasm, cumming too quickly, or inability to get it up.

How to Become a Sexologist

If you are actually so interested in sex that you want to study it from an academic standpoint, there are many different organizations you can turn to. There are not too many actual universities that offer programs in sexology, but if you have a degree in a related topic, you may be able to get continuing education credits and receive a certificate that will enhance your degree, and there are a few places that do offer higher education degrees in the topic!

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