Shoes And Boots

“You want to be happy? You want to be well? Then put your boots on.”

-Norah Vincent


While some people love feet, others go gaga over shoes and boots. Many like strappy sandals, others prefer secretary pumps, and plenty prefer the full coverage of leather boots. With the latter, there is also a whole underground fetish culture of bootblacking, in which subs get off on polishing their Dominant’s shoes. It makes complete sense, since when getting your shoes polished you’re sitting high up on a throne-like seat, and the bootblack is kneeling on the floor beneath you servicing your needs in the physical and emotional sense.

Shoe Play

If you’ve been thinking of bringing shoe play into the bedroom, consider making the shoes an integral part of the play. Most think of shoes as static objects only for wearing, but they can be quite dynamic. When wearing shoes, you can stand over your submissive partner and carefully rub your shoes over the most sensitive parts of that person’s body. Activities like spit-polishing and leather licking will give your boots or heels the shine and polish they need while getting worshiped by the shoe freak of your choice. For a sexy spin on shoes, take one off and tie its strap across you sub’s mouth, making a fetish-friendly gag complete with the aroma of soft leather and your own sweet sweat. Some even like to have shoes poked into their orifices, with a stiletto heel often serving as a makeshift sex toy.

Why Shoes

Shoes such as high heels and boots look extremely sexy when a person puts them on, and can convey a sense of power or elegance depending on the fashion of their fit. You may have even tried this fetish unknowingly by asking your lady lover to leave her boots on while fucking her – or for you it might be associated with a fetish for feet as well. Almost anything can become sexualized, but shoes and boots have been primary fashion cues for sex since hundreds of years ago. Why do you think women are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new pair of sandals?

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