“The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.”

-William Shakespeare


Sounding, also known as penal insertion or cock-stuffing is the practice of inserting objects into the urethra involves male submissives. Sometimes sounding can be affiliated with medical play, such as catheter insertion into the penis as well. Women can be sounders as well, but that is more complicated and rare since access to their pee hole is not as simple or obvious. The penis is often associated with masculinity and power, making sounding a direct way for a Dom to emasculate their sub and take their sense of personal power away from them with the cathartic release of burning sensations, physical pain and the body’s own natural endorphins automatically playing a part in the ritualistic process.

What Is A Sound?

Novices are often confused by the term Sounding because they falsely believe that this fetish has much to do with audible screams or the noises made by the insertion of objects into the penis. In reality the term comes from the medical term sounds uses to describe instruments used for probing or dilating passages within the body such as urethral sounds or uterine sounds.

Sounding In Silence

An even more advanced form of this fetish combines sounding with restrictions on noise. A Dom may tell their submissive to hold to completely still without uttering any noises at all for the duration of the insertion. Gliding a medical sound, pinky or some other probing object deep inside their playmate’s penis while watching them carefully and punishing them severely for even the slightest grunt or whisper. Gagging a sub during this kind of play may also require safe motions that can be shared by ‘tapping out’ rather than speaking.

Blinded By The Light

Many submissives have detailed a similar experience during extreme sounding play. They claim to have seen a bright white light during the climax of the experience. Some believe that this momentary out of body sensation and shrouding light is related to the light described by survivors of near-death experiences and might represent an emotional breakthrough of the membrane that separates the living world from what exists beyond it.

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