Stocking Fetish

“Put on a pair of fishnet stockings and find your inner sexiness!”

-Nia Vardalos


Stockings are the closest garment a woman wears next to her skin and they have an intimate relationship with her pussy, sopping up every droplet of juice when she becomes excited while fully dressed. It makes perfect sense that many would fetishize this sensual fabric as a result. Some people like these garments only when a girl is wearing them, while others like everything to do with including the feel of the material. There are different types of stockings, like thigh-highs, which are usually worn with garters, and full ones that go up to the waist, often called pantyhose. There are ones made of nylon, and others that are fishnet.

Nylon Bondage

Some people love stockings so much that they want to get tied up with them instead of ropes or cuffs. Nylons are a particularly good and safe material for bondage. It is stretchy so it is unlikely to cut off circulation, and it can make for comfortable yet inescapable bondage. It is also breathable so it is great to use as a gag or even a hood over the face. They are the ideal material because if you have to cut them, they are fairly affordable to replace and are readily available at your local drug store. Nylons feel less harsh than rope wrapped around your wrists, ankles or genitals and it can quickly become an exciting, far more sensual object to use as a restraint.

Stocking Encasement

The people who love stockings the most love to be encased in layers of nylons. Some like just one layer of nylons while others enjoy them so thick that it becomes hard for them to move like a mummy. Stockings can easily be cut and arranged to cover the whole body. It’s best to use a full pair of tights for the legs, and a full pair of tights with the crotch cut out for the torso and arms. You can use a knee high to cover the face to complete the look. With millions of stockings just sitting in bedroom drawers doing nothing, now may be the best time to take them and see what they can do for you!

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