“I superman dat ho.”

-Soulja Boy


Superman is a silly fratboy sex act that doesn’t really lead to any sexual gratification directly, but the degrading result is what many are seeking. Fucking a girl from behind, cumming all over her back, then using your jizz to make a blanket stick to her back so when she stands up she ends up looking like Superman with a cape hanging from her shoulders It’s the kind of thing freaks do in their college dorms or just once in their lives to say they have done it.

Surprise Superman

Keep in mind when you superman a girl you are guaranteeing she has to clean all her blankets and sheets afterward. So there is a time commitment involved. Try not to surprise her right before she is going away for the weekend… or you may end up having to pay up for her new bed linens when she gets back.

Immature BDSM Tendencies

Many sex acts like this one stem from immature BDSM tendencies. Often college coeds who are unable to articulate their desire to dominate someone sexually will engage in these kinds of behaviors, much the same way schoolyard teasing is often a precursor to being able to explain that you have erotic feelings toward someone later in life. If you boyfriend has given you the superman treatment, and you want to keep him around long term, explain that you understand his desire to own a partner sexually and make sure he is aware that you are willing to be used for his amusement. Often the offer to become a sexually muse will empower your partner, help them grow sexually and result in a much more rewarding BDSM relationship where silly games are eschewed in favor of real power exchange sexual practices!

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