Stuck Fetish / Confinement

“What if I’m stuck here, forever?”

-Kathryn Stockett


A confinement or stuck fetish is a fetish for people getting stuck in any kind of situation. Some people have specific fetishes like a glue fetish or a getting stuck in furniture fetish, but others just enjoy the idea of anyone trapped in place for any period of time. This fetish is definitely related to bondage, but it is a little different, because it refers to moments when the person is not only physically vulnerable, but also emotionally vulnerable because the fantasy situations are often a surprise or a chaotic moment.

How To

It’s not the best idea to actually superglue someone to the floor, or to get them hopelessly stuck forever in a piece of furniture, however you can turn to fetish videos in order to get some inspiration. From there you can learn about different concoctions that make a person feel and appear stuck, but are easy to clean off or dissolve when the play is over. There are some safer options for beginning play, such as using small chairs that you know you’d be able to help your sub out of when it’s time for the roleplay to end. Other options are to have them get stuck in tight clothing that is hard to remove without the use of scissors if you like to watch someone struggle. Confinement play can involve locations or emotional restraints as well. The fetish is focused on the general concept of confinement and that can include anything from FinDom financial constraints to physical ropes and locked boxes.

Be Safe

Safety is always paramount in many fetishes, but especially in the stuck fetish there are many things you need to consider. If you’re in public enacting something, you will want to make sure that you will be able to help the person get out, so you don’t have to use public resources like police or ambulance services unless you really need to. As a sub, you should make sure to play with someone you know and trust, so you can be sure they will help you get out when it is the time!

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