“Hitting is better than sex.”

-Reggie Jackson


Swaffelen is a Dutch term that means to sway, swing or swoop. However, a few years ago it became the sexual term for when you hit your cock against someone else or even an inanimate object. It can also be spelled zwaffelen. Swaffelen can be done for sexual pleasure, but it can also be done to degrade someone or help them feel humiliated. Of course, both of those things can sometimes go together! When someone does this the cock can be fully hard or semi hard, though the latter is more usual because if the cock is fully hard then it usually wants to go inside of a hole.


Even though it is a Dutch term, the term is said to have started in some English speaking countries to mean this particular thing. It started to get media coverage in 2008 when a guy used his cock to Swaffel on the Taj Mahal that is quite a disrespectful act for such a place. After that Swaffelen really took of, as a Dutch TV channel made an official International Swaffel Day. People could submit their own videos of hitting their cocks against landmarks such as the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It was even the word of the year for The Netherlands in 2008!

Only Hit The Right Targets With Your Dick

One time a firefighter did a little Swaffel on his colleague in the Netherlands and he actually got fired. This means that you need to make sure that whomever you hit with your cock is into the activity and wants it to happen. Don’t hit things with your cock at work, and only do it with eager sexual partners who are into it. Most people who like it enjoy hitting their cock on the face of someone who is sucking their dick!

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