Abduction as Seduction

“Are you lost babygirl?”

-Massimo, 365 Days


Abduction as seduction is also known as forced seduction. It is a theme that is found in a lot of western literature, especially soap operas, where a woman is kidnapped or held against her will, forced into non-consensual romance or interactions, and then truly falls in love with her captor. It is basically the romance novel version of Stockholm Syndrome.

Abduction in romantic history

There are a lot of ancient cultures around that world that encouraged the abduction of women to become brides. This was more common among conquered people, where women would be married to the conquerors. This idea led to many a romance novel cover with the bare-chested man with his hair blowing in the wind holding the woman who is both pulling away and holding on to him as he captures her and steals her away. The handsome swarthy man wants to kidnap his reluctant and beautiful victim. Overtaken by her beauty, he succumbs to his physical desires and ultimately his emotions get the best of him and he falls in love. Meanwhile, though she is resisting him, she sees the vulnerability in her captor and the tenderness he shows her and she falls in love with him too.


Abduction as seduction is a very common roleplay fantasy. Most often it includes the abductee getting snatched from their room or when walking around and then taken somewhere unfamiliar and then they play at non-consensual sex, acting like the sex is unwanted and the abductor is forcing themselves on the abductee while they struggle and resist.  Because of the potential for legitimate non-consent issues many people institute safe words. This is a word that when said causes all activity to stop, no matter what is going on. Using a safe word helps prevent any issues of real non-consent and lets the roleplay participants abduct and be abducted as much as they enjoy.

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