“I’m shiny and I know it. Don’t know why you wanna blow it. Need a man who likes it rough, likes it rough, likes it rough”

-Lady Gaga


The abrasion kink is when someone becomes sexually aroused because of being touched with something abrasive, meaning something rough to the touch like sandpaper. It can also be the rough rubbing of the skin from one person to another, also known as a dutch rub, or using scratchy and abrasive substances like sandpaper, steel wool or thistles. It can expand beyond rubbing and into hitting someone with something scratchy like twigs, otherwise known as birching.


The abrasion kink has the potential to become a safety issue. Though typically the people who are engaging with abrasion play are not trying to cause physical injury, there are people who want to have actual abrasions left on their body. The primary concern with creating real abrasions is infection. There is risk of infection to the wound but also infection via bloodborne disease. It is a good idea to make sure all sexual partners have been tested for sexually transmitted diseases. This way you reduce the risk of transmitting any disease through blood if the skin is broken. It is recommended to keep a first aid kit at hand in case of breaking the skin. The abrasion should be cleaned, disinfected, and bandaged. It is not recommended to participate in abrasion kink to the point of breaking the skin, though accidents happen and it is better to be prepared. 

Precautions & Aftercare

For proper preparation, especially because there is a risk of breaking the skin, it is important to ensure that all the tools being used have been sterilized to reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Because substances like sand, sand paper and sticks may be used, it is important to make sure that all abrasions, even ones that did not break the skin, are properly washed and cleaned. These objects can leave debris which can also lead to infection. It is also a good idea to avoid abrasion play on genitals or any orifice, such as mouth and ears. Overall, abrasion play is typically very safe. Do what feels good and make sure to have a safe word for anything that pushes you too far or hurts too much.

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