“Men like you should be left to the mercy of women like me.”

-Sam J. Charlatan


The Amazons were believed to be a tribe of women warriors. They were very aggressive and their primary concern in life was war. Some myths suggest that the Amazons live forever, or have unnaturally long lives, lasting until they are killed in battle. Wonder Woman is the most famous Amazon in modern times, and has brought the Greek myth into modern pop culture.

Amazon History And Myths

There are a lot of interesting myths about Amazon women. One is that they would cut off a breast to make it easier to draw a bow. Another is that they are man killers. The most exciting and sexy myth is that they are a group of man-hating virgins. Historically, it is believed that an Amazon would not marry until she had slain a man in battle. The strong sisterhood portrayed between Amazons also lead to the belief that they were lesbians. Some myths say they were completely isolated from men and only used them for procreation, and occasionally recreation.

Amazon Fetish

A BDSM relationship can often start with a strong man-hating (or at least man-dominating) woman. For many, this is the start of a FemDom/submissive relationship. Within the Amazon fetish there is a large component of being dominated and humiliated, getting used by her sexually and then being dismissed when she is done. There is also a cosplay element in liking Amazons. They were known for being tall and very fierce. They can look tribal, or take the more modern Wonder Woman interpretation. An Amazon fetish can open the door to a lot of fun cosplay and scenes.

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