“All a writer has to do to get a woman is to say he’s a writer. It’s an aphrodisiac.”

-Saul Bellows


Aphrodisiacs are anything that turns a person on and it is usually considered to be a food or drink, but can sometimes be something more of an idea of even a witchy spell. Aphrodisiacs have been used all throughout history, since the earliest days, to help people fall in love or feel sexy with each other. Some early aphrodisiacs have been found to not actually stimulate sexual desire, but most people feel that the placebo effect can be quite strong with any aphrodisiac that is only rumored to work.

Actual Aphrodisiacs

If you’re looking for something natural to put a little pep in your step, here are some ideas of things that actually do work to increase sexual arousal. Some things in the past have been said to be aphrodisiacs because they are shaped like certain body parts, but it’s really what’s inside that counts towards this quality. Chilly peppers are a known sex stimulator because they help you create more endorphins in your brain, which is one of the essential chemicals for sexual pleasure. Chocolate has been similarly shown to increase positive brain chemicals to make sexy times even better.


There are many things out there that are herbal supplements or even pharmaceuticals that claim to boost your sex drive or even make your cock bigger. Make sure you verify any type of thing like this that you plan on taking because if it is not real then it could be bad for you. Some of these drugs have been shown to increase heart rate or blood pressure so you never know what can happen, especially if you have known health problems. Don’t believe everything you read and always consult your doctor before you take anything that seems weird or fishy. Never take prescriptions from other people. It’s better to get them straight from your doc if you want to try something to boost your fuck power and your safety always cums first!

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