“The ass is the face of the soul of sex.”

-Charles Bukowski


An analgasm is an orgasm that happens from anal sex. People of any gender and anatomy can have an anal orgasm, even if they don’t have a prostate. For men with a prostate, an analgasm can also be an orgasm caused by anal stimulation that does not involve ejaculation.

Anal Orgasm Myths

Myth 1: Anal orgasms mean prostate orgasms. Sometimes they are the same, but both men and women can have anal orgasms just from anal stimulation, without prostate stimulation.
Myth 2: Only men can have anal orgasms. Not true. Women can have mind-blowing anal orgasms as well.
Myth 3: Only a penis can give an anal orgasm. Anyone can give anal orgasms through finger stimulation, using a dildo, or pegging (using a strap on).

Anatomy of an Analgasm

Our bodies are filled with erogenous zones and sensitive areas. With proper stimulation and some patience, it is possible to get an orgasm from just erogenous zone stimulation. Stimulating the genitals while also stimulating the butt can lead to some pretty mind-blowing orgasms. Some people find anal sex a combination between pain and pleasure, which can also lead to more intense full body orgasms.

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