“Your odorous armpit…that embalmed nest.”

-Chinese Poet


Having an armpit fetish means being aroused by or getting sexual pleasure from armpits. It can range from simply favoring the natural smell of their partner’s armpits, to wanting penis to armpit contact (also known as axillism). Lovers of the armpit vary in their preference of both presentation and scent, and can be attracted to a partner because of how they keep their armpits (clean-shaven, stubbly, hairy, natural, or deodorized) as well as their natural scent (for example, one person might be attracted to a “mossy” odor, while another is attracted to a more pungent odor). Hairy or stubbly armpits are more popular than clean-shaven with these people, and natural scent more popular than deodorized. Armpit aficionados, once they’ve broached their armpit interest to their partners, will often request that their partner not shave or wear deodorant. 

Sexual Pit-Stops

On the milder level, armpit attraction is not much more than an above average interest in the natural armpit scent of a partner and being aroused by that scent before and during sex. For some the attraction goes beyond scent to include touching, playing with, kissing and licking their partner’s armpit, but does not involve ‘armpit penetration’. Others do enjoy penis to armpit contact during sexual play, and men who have this preference may enjoy coming to climax by masturbating their penis in their partner’s armpit (this is known as axillism). However, penis to armpit contact is not required to come to climax. On the more extreme level, some men can only be sexually aroused by armpit penetration, and have difficulty or are unable to perform or come to climax by any other type of sexual penetration. Sex with the armpit is also known as axillary intercourse, bagpiping, coitus in axilla, huffling, maschalation, penis-to-armpit intercourse, and pit job.

Fetish for Armpit Aroma

Some people have a fetish for the scent of armpits or simply for someone who is sweaty. This is different than an armpit fetish, though it is related to the act. If you’re into the scent but don’t necessarily want to get into the pits, that’s OK too. Maybe you and your sex partner could work out together before getting it on, or simply enjoy each other’s scents that arise during sexual intercourse.

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