“You know, I have never had a casting couch proposition in my life. I thought there was something wrong with me.”

-Shirley McLaine


An audition is generally a try out for something, but in this case, we are talking about a genre of pornography that is all about hopeful chicks trying out for something but getting fucked in the end. It’s generally filed under the category of reality porn, which is porn scenes that seem like they could happen in real life. A lot of times the girl will be trying out for a music video or a movie, but then they will get duped into taking off their clothes and getting railed. Other times the chick is actually there to audition for a porn site, and the audition includes getting banged hard to see how she will do in a porn movie.


Most of the time the types of girls who get cast in audition porn movies are real life amateurs who want to break it big in the porn industry. They see other girls who are popular pornstars having a great life and looking hot, and they want the same thing. Could you really blame them? So they shoot a scene for these porn audition sites. As such, most of these sites are full of the hottest girls and if you look through the archives, once in awhile you will spot a hottie you are in love with who is big and famous now, when they were just at the beginning of their career.

Your Own Fantasy

If you want to try your own audition fantasy get your hook-up buddy or girlfriend to simply pretend you are an agent and they are auditioning for something. If you’ve got your own place, you’ve already got the perfect set for a casting couch in your living room since all it requires is a couch. Then just have a fun roleplay that ends in some super hot fucking, and you’ve got yourself an audition fantasy. It’s one of the easier things to do since you don’t need any special outfits or costumes.

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