“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.”

-William Blake


Barebacking is a form of sex in which neither partner wears a form of protection that would form a barrier. It can be done with straight couples, but it is often used as a term more for gay and trans fuckers because it is often assumed that straight couples don’t have a need to use condoms. People love barebacking because it feels so good and there is nothing that comes in between you and your lover. People tend to shy away from it these days unless they are in a committed couple, but if you have a fetish for it then you will want to find people who are OK with doing this. It’s not something you just spring on them during a random hook up.

The Risks

Barebacking does come with risks, as most people know. This is why so many people love it, since it is a little bit taboo; it turns them on even more. If you want to get the experience of sliding a cock in and out of a hole with no barriers, then you should know that you could get someone pregnant, if it is in a straight relationship. In any relationship barebacking could result in the transmission of certain diseases and viruses that is never any fun. If you are going to do barebacking you need to trust the person and get tested for any STIs before you engage in fucking without a condom. Make sure that you don’t have a cheating partner!

Condomless Porn

Recently California tried to pass a ridiculous law called Prop 60 that would have required all pornstars filming in LA to use condoms in every video. Fortunately the public voted down the referendum and kept it legal for porn performers to get their dick wet in tight XXX holes. Keep in mind, pornstars are all tested for STIs often and are a very safe pool of people to fuck bareback. The same is NOT true for the general public so always be careful before shoving your dick in someone who may not be tested recently enough or who lies about being tested. Your health matters more than getting access to her holes for one night without a rubber.

Bringing it Up

If you want to try barebacking in your relationship, it’s best to bring it up during a non-sexual moment because when tensions are high people might do something they will regret. Bring it up over a dinner or something normal like that. Then you will see what their true reaction is. If someone is not into it, then you should leave it at that, as convincing someone to do something sexy is just not that fun. Always make sure that everyone is into the idea when it comes to anything sexual, but especially barebacking.

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