“It’s hard to be brought down when you have a balloon.”

-Winnie The Pooh


Balloon fetish is an interesting thing to experience. Basically, the people who have this fetish love it when a pretty girl (or a hot guy) blows up a balloon. What happens next is up to the specific person, because there are many directions that this can go. Some “Looners,” as they are often called, love to blow up balloons and then revel in how fun they are. They get kind of sad if they think too much about the balloon popping. However, other fetishists love to hear that loud and surprising pop when the balloon loses all of it’s air quickly.


No one really knows where this fetish comes from but many think that it simply happens because balloons are always so fun, and everyone has good memories about them. Most people with this fetish remember their first balloon experience as something with a hot girl popping a balloon or playing with one. Those who like to pop the balloons are referred within the fetish community as poppers and those who don’t are non-poppers. Some people say that the popping is a metaphor for orgasm!

Variations on the Theme

If you’re not into balloons, there are other fetishes that are closely related which might give you a rush if you find yourself into balloons. First of all, there is always bubble gum, which a hot chick can blow a bubble into, and then pop, before she repeats the process all over again. Some guys even like to have their cock encased in a bubble gum bubble as a form of sexual play. There are also medical examination gloves that work well as balloons, and may come in common with people who have a balloon fetish and a medical fetish.

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