“Blasphemy is an epithet bestowed by superstition upon common sense.”

-Robert Green Ingersoll


Blasphemy, as a kink, involves taking the Judeo-Christian God’s name in vain or other forms of sacrilegious behavior, as means of becoming aroused sexually. This can be accomplished with multiple forms of blasphemous behavior, and is commonly associated with acts of blasphemy being performed during sexual intercourse.

The Fetish

People that become aroused by blasphemous behavior accomplish it with various types of blasphemy. Often, one or both of the parties involved in the blasphemy kink will wear attire associated with the religion being blasphemed. Commonly priest and nun attire are utilized. A common enactment of this kink can involve someone dressed as a priest taking someone’s confession, which then turns into the performance of different sexual acts as a form of penance. Taking communion can involve an inserted phallus in place of a wafer, or bodily fluids in place of wine, and there are many ways to perform this kink through forms of consented punishment.

What To Do

Though this may seem like a taboo that’s hard to bring up to people due to the delicate feelings some may have around religion, there are many groups dedicated to this kink. There are online communities that are based around this fetish, and access to them is easy through a number of kink-dedicated sites. Costumes are readily available through a number of costume sites online, to meet any of your needs to fulfill this kink by dressing up as different religious figures. A number of fellow kinksters will gladly engage with you in your blasphemy kink, but just be aware that performing any acts of sacrilegious sexiness on private grounds dedicated to religion, such as churches, is still highly illegal and will end in fines and/or jail if you are caught.

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Bear (Gay)

“Gay comes in all shapes, sizes, strengths, and personalities. Just like straight does. It shouldn’t be news that- guess what – some gay people don’t fit your stereotype.”

-Donna Brazile


A bear is a hairy gay or bisexual male-identifying individual that is often heavy-set, but can also be muscular. Bears are often highly masculine individuals and rather rugged in stature, but the physical hairiness and larger body type is what mainly characterizes bear culture.

Cubs and Clubs

Gay or bisexual men with bigger hairy bodies often hang out in the same settings as other bears. There are also younger counterparts called cubs, that can be less hairy and smaller in frame. Cubs are often partners of a bear, which is how they gain acceptance and access to bear culture and clubs. Bear groups can sometimes be modeled similarly to biker clubs, and can often have a level of hierarchy. Hairier and bigger bodies are the common requirement of bear gatherings. Bears can be very muscular as well, though that is commonly not a requirement for acceptance. Having a rugged masculine attitude can be a must for some bear groups, but that’s not always the case. Cubs are often allowed to be more effeminate in nature compared to the mainstream rugged bear culture.

Participating in Bear Culture

Bear culture has become way more common in pop culture nowadays, and isn’t that hard to access. There are conventions, clubs, websites and adult films dedicated to gay bears, which will make it easy for anyone trying to connect with bear communities. One thing to remember is that not all bear communities are the same, and some have different standards of what a bear is. They don’t all accept more overweight individuals, and some have higher standards as for what they consider masculine behavior befitting a bear. Hairiness is the one defining trait of bears and seems to be a common denominator across the board for bear culture. Not being a bear doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily be welcomed into bear culture, but you may not be allowed into every type of bear club or event.

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“Low flow [shower heads]? I don’t like the sound of that.”

-Kramer, Seinfeld


Bidetonism is using the water spray from a bidet or showerhead to masturbate. This is typically done by women, though some men can also masturbate this way. The bidet is a receptacle similar to a toilet bowl, with a stream of water that is used to clean the genitals after using the restroom. It was likely not long before an ancient woman squatted over a bidet to clean herself and found herself squatting for a lot longer than necessary. It would be easy to realise that the flow of water did more than clean… it provided pleasure!

Getting Shower Head

As our bathing technology improved, the bidet fell away as a standard feature in bathrooms, but showerheads took their place in the pleasure department. Women realized that by changing the angle of the showerhead they could direct the spray to their vulva and bring themselves to orgasm. Though it was not a woman that invented the removable showerhead, it likely should have been. It’s not only helpful with precisely washing your hair and body, but it also provides precise stimulation to the clit. With the advances in shower wands and the addition of different strength levels and spray patterns, the shower wand became many women’s best bath-time buddy. 

A Clean Fetish

Many women use a water spray to find pleasure, but some of them actually need water stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm. Though for some it might be the literal water (as can happen with albutophilia or ablutolagnia), for others it is because of the particular intense and direct stimulation that is difficult to achieve without water. 

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Bushie Mall

“Sick and perverted always appeals to me.”



Bushie Mall is a slang term for an agoraphiliac, which refers to someone who gets sexual pleasure from sex in public or sex outdoors. This differs from exhibitionism, which does not have to be outdoors and involves someone watching you. Bushie mall does not specifically involve someone watching, though it can.

By Popular Demand

According to the Kinsey Institute, a fantasy about public sex is one of the most popular fantasies across gender, age, and sexual orientation. Because sex is typically a private affair, having sex in public, even if no one is there to see you, feels transgressive and forbidden. If an orgasm happens in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it still happen? YES! 

Bushie Mall Risks

Sex in public can be risky because of the threat of getting caught. This isn’t like getting caught by your parents when you were a teenager – this kind of getting caught can get you arrested and charged with public indecency and lewdness.  This is why you need to be very careful about what kind of public sex you want to have. Maybe sticking to the backyard, camping, or a closed bathroom is a better idea than in a public park or a parked car. 

Safe Execution

If you must have a Bushie Mall and make your fantasy a reality, make sure you take precautions. Check to make sure no one is around, and that there’s no chance of someone just walking around the corner. Anyone who sees you having sex on accident is officially seeing a sex act non-consensually and that can be a big problem – it will also get you busted for lewdness. Try to keep your public encounter behind closed doors. You can run into a single person bathroom, shut yourself into a spare bedroom or closet, swim WAY out in the ocean where you are fully hidden by water and distance, or go into a tent. You get the drift, keep your public sex private and you can enjoy your fantasy without negative side-effects.

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“I sleep my best when my head is resting on your delicate pillows of love.”

-Helena Hunting


Busty girls are those who have giant knockers that swing back and forth with every movement. They might be real or they might be fake, but whatever they are, they are large and in charge. Big boobs are a highly desired trait in our society. Most of the time tits are considered big if they are a D cup or above, but on a smaller frame, a C cup may suffice as being thought of as big boobs. There are a lot of guys who think of big boobs as the best, but if you’re a chick who doesn’t have this trait, don’t worry, there are plenty of dudes who also like small or medium sized boobs!

Fake Vs. Real

If you want to take a gander at some big boobs, whether it is online or in real life, you have a lot of choices. Women from every type of culture can have big boobs. Some people have a strict preference between natural big tits and fake ones, as they can feel somewhat different, while others don’t care. Even fake boobs that are made with different types of implants can feel completely different! Natural boobs tend to be more soft, while fake tits can be harder and more stationary.

Best Busty Gals

If you are looking for some big tit porn to watch there are a plethora of girls you can look for. There are ones who have extremely big tits like Leanne Crow. Others with more reasonable but still large breasts are Olivia O’Lovely, a classic from years past, and cuties like Sara Jay and Sophie Dee also have giant tits that are reliably sexy every time you see them. It’s more usual for older women in porn to have big tits than the brand-new pornstars who come onto the scene, either because their breasts grow from hormonal fluctuations throughout the years, or because they simply decide to get bigger boobs once they’ve already gotten some amount of success in porn.

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“Heels and red lipstick will put fear into the hearts of good people.”

-Dita Von Teese


Burlesque is a style of stripping and dance that is typically less vulgar than going to a strip club, although some neo-burlesque acts can be quite intense. Traditional burlesque acts feature women dressed in the style of the 1920’s and 30’s, slowly stripping off their clothes and teasing the audience. Most burlesque performances don’t feature full nudity – the performers wear pasties over their nipples and sometimes leave their panties on. However, it takes a lot of skill and preparation to devise sparkly costumes and acts on a regular basis.

Popular Burlesque Performers

Outside of big cities, most burlesque performers are girls who simply do it as a hobby. You probably know a few and don’t even know it, since sometimes they try to keep their alter identities under wraps. Dita Von Teese is probably the main burlesque performer to really hit it big in the mainstream world. Everyone knows her name and she exemplifies the burlesque aesthetic. Other girls to check out would include Nasty Canasta and Legs Malone who have nearly made it that far up the burlesque ladder.

Bringing It Into The Bedroom

If you want to bring burlesque into the bedroom you’ll need to wear some hot lingerie and then slowly strip it off. Burlesque is all about the art of the tease and as long as you make every movement long and drawn out, you’ll be doing a good job. Don’t show your lover the goods until you’ve really made them work for it. You can continue your teasing with your lover when you get down to the sexy stuff too, by massaging their erection or not touching their cock right away when you notice that it is getting stiff.

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“Brunettes are troublemakers.”

-Charlie Chaplin


Brown hair is a very common hair color. It is in fact the second most common hair color in the world! The shades of this hair color can range from lighter to darker, but once it gets too light it is known as blonde, and too dark makes it black. Brunette people have those shades of hair right in the middle. Brunette women are known as the kick-ass girls, the girls next door and the ones who are more down to earth, especially when compared with blondes who are stereotypically airheads. However, keep in mind that these tropes are just stereotypes and every brunette has a different personality.

The Sexiest Brunettes

There are lots of brunettes in the world and many of them are famous women that we drool over every day. Angelina Jolie is the puffy-lipped brown-haired beauty of our dreams, and Jennifer Lopez not only has that amazing and outrageous ass but a great head of brown hair. Don’t forget that Jessica Alba is more than just a household products mogul and former actress, but also a super hot brunette who looks good in whatever she wears. Of course there are also plenty of brunette pornstars. Isis Love, Richelle Ryan and Eva Lovia are all beauties with brown hair who grace us with their erotic presence in porn.

Finding Brunettes

If you want to try a brunette then you won’t have to look very far. They truly are all over the place. You could probably meet one at the grocery store, the gym or your office. However, finding one to date is a bit harder than that. You can go onto online dating sites to get a preview of what someone looks like, or you could watch some brunette porn for a sure thing that will definitely end with a brown-haired girl on the other end of a hard cock. Cam shows with brunettes can be fun too!

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“I have this thing for British women.”

-Jennifer Nettles


British women come from the UK and they have the sexy accent that comes with that. The accents vary depending on what part of the country they come from, and in some of the cities the accents can even vary by street! British people are often thought of as being very proper, but that’s only because the main thing foreigners know about them is the nobility among them. However, the Brits are well known for being quite kinky. They are so kinky, in fact, that their government has many rules in place against what type of porn they can create in the country!

Fetish Country

Even though the country has specific rules on what porn they will allow, the people of this country seem to be fascinated by different fetishes. One of their public TV channels did a great documentary piece on “The Great British Sex Survey” which was all about how British people like to have sex. It revealed that British people love everything from cross-dressing men to feet to gimps in full latex hoods. The survey found that the northeast of the country was the most kinky!

How to Meet Brits

British people are pretty much found everywhere, though they are obviously primarily found in their home country. If you don’t want to travel all the way to the UK to meet a hot British pornstar or sex lover, you can turn to your favorite porn site to find British porn movies. Or you can look at camsites to get an idea of what British girls are doing behind closed doors. Wherever you find one, whether it is in person or online, you will find out that Brits have a certain sexy appeal that is about more than just a hot accent!

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“Brazilian women are happy with ourselves, no matter what shape we are.”

-Lais Ribiero


Brazilians are known for being super hot, happy and fun loving. They definitely have a party culture and they are also known for having the most beautiful women around. According to Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, this is because Brazilian women are taught to take care of themselves early on in their lives, so they know how to stay beautiful for longer than other cultures. They wear tiny bikinis and have no shame about doing the dirtiest things on camera, which is why Brazilian porn is so popular. Brazilians are considered Latinas most of the time, and they are known for having hot round asses!

Famous Brazilians

There are a ton of famous Brazilians who are known for their beauty all around the world. Of course supermodels Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen are perhaps the most well known, but we can’t forget about the numerous Brazilian pornstars who grace our screens with their sexy presence. There is Abby Lee Brazil, who used her home country as her last name so you would know just where she gets her fantastic genetics from. Squirting MILF Sheila Marie also has her origins in Brazil, as does blonde cutie Juelz Ventura.

Finding Brazilians

If you want to find a Brazilian, there are online dating sites that exist just for that. Seek one out and set up your profile! The girls on there won’t mind dating a non-Brazilian, because they know everyone appreciates their extreme sexiness and amazing nature. But the surest place to find hot Brazilians to watch is in your favorite spicy porn, starring Latina sweethearts who love to show off their hot round asses and beautiful bodies.

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“You are the evil scientist of your desires.”

-Ignacio Rivera


Bondage is the act of tying someone up or restraining them using some kind of object. There are many ways to perform bondage, and while some of them require an amount of skill, most of them can be done by just about anyone. Of course there are people out there who are more serious bondage fetishists, but there’s no requirement to start experimenting. You can just whip out some of your favorite neckties or scarves and have a fun, sensual and exploratory evening, where one of you is submissive and helpless and the other one is on top.

Different Methods

There are many different ways to tie someone up. You can use some cuffs already made by someone else, from an online or local sex shop. We’re not only talking about handcuffs here – you can also try leather cuffs or neoprene cuffs, which are the most comfortable. You can use cuffs for both wrists and ankles to restrain someone in a variety of ways. You can also try rope bondage, which does require a bit more expertise. You can tie someone up using safe methods found online or in a book, until you learn to memorize some of the most perfect ties out there!

Beginner Fear

If you are trying out bondage for the first time it is common for both the Dom and the sub to get a bit nervous. There’s no need to worry, as there are plenty of things you can do to make sure things go smoothly. First of all, keep in mind that bondage doesn’t have to do with pain, it has to do with sensuality. You can tie someone up and tease them, filling them with pleasure. You can give them multiple orgasms, watching them overload with feeling good. You can tickle them, which certainly isn’t painful, and you can also just sit there and watch them squirm in their bonds.

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