“I have this thing for British women.”

-Jennifer Nettles


British women come from the UK and they have the sexy accent that comes with that. The accents vary depending on what part of the country they come from, and in some of the cities the accents can even vary by street! British people are often thought of as being very proper, but that’s only because the main thing foreigners know about them is the nobility among them. However, the Brits are well known for being quite kinky. They are so kinky, in fact, that their government has many rules in place against what type of porn they can create in the country!

Fetish Country

Even though the country has specific rules on what porn they will allow, the people of this country seem to be fascinated by different fetishes. One of their public TV channels did a great documentary piece on “The Great British Sex Survey” which was all about how British people like to have sex. It revealed that British people love everything from cross-dressing men to feet to gimps in full latex hoods. The survey found that the northeast of the country was the most kinky!

How to Meet Brits

British people are pretty much found everywhere, though they are obviously primarily found in their home country. If you don’t want to travel all the way to the UK to meet a hot British pornstar or sex lover, you can turn to your favorite porn site to find British porn movies. Or you can look at camsites to get an idea of what British girls are doing behind closed doors. Wherever you find one, whether it is in person or online, you will find out that Brits have a certain sexy appeal that is about more than just a hot accent!

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