“Gentlemen prefer blondes.”

-Anita Loos


Blondes are girls with light colored hair. Many of them have dyed it, but it’s always impolite to ask about that. Blondes are associated with fun and sexiness, but don’t judge a book by its cover! Just like any girl, a blonde can be any type of person. Their hair colors range from honey blonde and strawberry blonde all the way up to platinum blonde, which is nearly white in color. Some of the most popular stars of all time – both pornstars and celebrities – have been blondes.

Famous Blondes

All the way back to Marilyn Monroe, blondes have been very popular in pop culture. More recently, Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson have both been super popular blondes. Ms. Jameson is considered one of the most successful pornstars of all time! Phoenix Marie and Courtney Taylor are two bootylicious pornstars who usually sport blonde hair. Summer Brielle is a blonde MILF who fully espouses the doll physique, with plump lips and giant fake tits. Mia Malkova is also a beautiful blonde cutie who loves to get fucked on camera. There are countless other blonde pornstars who you can see sucking and fucking at a moment’s notice.

Finding Blondes

It’s fair to say that blondes are some of the most coveted chicks around. Where can you find them? Well, the most easy way to find one is to watch them in a porn movie. Most porn sites have the perfect way to filter them out so you can see only blondes in your porn movie selection. Otherwise, you can always use an online dating site. But beware, because girls can change the color of their hair faster than they can change their clothes. She might be blonde one day and then brunette the next!

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