“Biting is excellent – it’s like kissing, only there’s a winner.”

-Neil Gaiman


Biting is something that people do every single day when they eat. They take bites of their food and chew it up. But biting is also something that is considered to be a sexual practice. There are all different levels of biting and it simply involves taking that one act that you do all the time and performing it on someone’s skin. You can do a light bite which is more like a love bite or you can do a hard bite that will leave a mark for weeks, grinding the skin in between your teeth. Biting is quite hot whether you have a fetish for things that are a little vampirish or you simply like a little pain with your pleasure.

Biting Precautions

If you are going to bite someone first of all you need to trust them. Even if you’re not engaging in too much other rough sex play, you should have a safe word involved because you never know when things are going to need to stop if it gets too intense. Also, if you plan on drawing blood from the biting, you should know your partner well and have talked about your testing status. No one wants a surprise from a fun night of biting play! Also, before you play, check in with your partner about whether or not they are OK with having marks, and if there are certain spots they do not want to have them.

Bring it In

If you are hungering for a little flesh between your teeth, then you can just start to nibble a bit (very lightly) during sexual play. Depending on how your partner reacts, you can ask them if they like that, and if they seem to enjoy it you can talk about taking your biting further into your sexual play. You can also talk about it beforehand during some dirty talk to gauge your partner’s interest in chomping down, and talk about biting limits if it comes up.

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