Wet And Messy (WAM)

“Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.”

-Marquis de Sade


The wet and messy fetish involves becoming aroused by getting wet and messy by things other than bodily fluids, and is also known as “sploshing”. This kink also includes food that makes people messy.

The Fetish

You might have this fetish if you find arousal when you, or others, become wet and messy from fluids that have nothing to do with someone’s body. This can relate to wet t-shirt contests, food fights, or any other situation where you get messy by fluids and substances that can be poured or put on you. Cake sitting could fall under this fetish as well, mainly if you are the one sitting on the cake. There are a lot of ways to fulfill WAM, since the amount of substances that aren’t bodily fluids and can be used to get you wet and messy is vast.

What To Do

Sourcing online for people that will want to get you wet and messy isn’t going to be that difficult. There are plenty of people out there that will gladly pour different substances on you, especially if that’s their version of this kink. Make sure you agree upon what fluids you’re comfortable having poured on you ahead of time, and it’s good to institute a safe-word as well for when you’re ready for them to stop. This is going to be a fairly easy kink to fulfill, because getting people messy covers many different fetishes.

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Weapon Fetish

“Every little thing about you can be a weapon, if you’re clever enough.”

-Courtney Summers, Sadie


People with a weapon fetish are aroused by a wide array of weapons, ranging from swords, knives, and clubs, to more modern weaponry such as guns and explosives. This can extend to anything that someone thinks of as a weapon as well.

The Fetish

This kink involves people that want to have sex surrounded by weapons, are turned on by the sight of different weapons, or want to have weapons involved during the actual act of sex itself. This may include knife play, needles, guns, and any other sharp or blunt object that could be considered a weapon. It is exceedingly important to make sure that whomever is actually wielding a weapon during play has a firm grasp on its use and any safety practices based around it.

Tips & Safety

Before involving any weapons in your play with another person, make sure that the person wielding any weaponry knows how to properly use it. Along with knowing how to properly use a weapon in a safe manner for play, also set any boundaries and safe-words ahead of time. When knives are used for play, it may work best to have the actual blades slightly blunted, so as not to cause any accidental cuts during play.

There are plenty of chatrooms and forums online that focus on discussions over weaponry, the use of it, and the fascination many people have with it. This may be a good avenue to find someone to erotically play with that actually knows how to use weapons, and that understands safe practices based around their use. Martial artists may be ideal play partners in the realms of weapon use if your interests lean towards swords and knives, and they will often have been taught restraint and control in their usage.

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“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”

-W.C. Fields


WTFromantic is more of a catch-all term. A wtfromantic is someone on the aromantic spectrum who does not experience romantic attraction in a traditional way, but also does not identify as grayromantic or demiromantic. Often wtfromantic will also identify as semiromantic or alternatively romantic. 


Wtfromantics often have a hard time explaining their orientation to other people and even themselves. Whereas demiromantics will say they have infrequent crushes or squishes, a wtfromantic will describe their crushes or squishes as “weird” most often. Wtfromantics often have a hard time seeing a line between a romantic relationship and a friendship. They cannot discern between romantic or platonic relationships and can’t necessarily tell the difference or if they are even experiencing a difference. They often engage in queerplatonic relationships. 


There is heavy controversy in the Aromantic community about this term. Some think of it as a joke that minimizes the Aro orientations. Others look at it as a less defined grayromantic orientation. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what it really means to be a Wtfromantic but that you know it if you are. “Weird” is a term that is used frequently in describing their romantic feelings. That word feels full of judgment, but it is only being used as a way to say that these romantic feelings are different and do not fall along the same lines that those of gray or demiromantics do. Some people also use it as a catchall because they are tired of trying to define fluctuating and changing understandings of orientations.

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Water Bondage

“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress.”

-Margaret Atwood


Water bondage is a form of bondage that happens in conjunction with water. It is quite dangerous and should not be performed alone. In fact, it is usually performed with a number of helpers on site to cut someone out very quickly if things should take a turn for the worse during the scene. Some bondage subs enjoy being tied to weights at the bottom of a pool, and others enjoy having shockingly cold water sprayed all over them while they are in bondage. Why do people like such a dangerous form of bondage? For some, the danger is what provides the excitement. Others enjoy the combination of breath control and bondage plus being scared.

Safety & Sexy Lifeguards

Obviously with this fetish, safety is a big concern. The risk of something going wrong is real, though to date, it’s not known whether there have been any injuries involving this type of activity. Both Doms and subs should only do this type of play with someone who they really trust, and all the usual safewords and things should be put into place. It might be a good idea to use quick release snaps so it would be easy to get someone out of the water easily, and as previously mentioned, having a friend or two around would make it more safe.

Lew Rubens Realm

One of the people who first brought water bondage into the public eye is famous rigger Lew Rubens. He loved the idea of this taboo form of bondage and once even ran a website completely dedicated to its art form. Since then, others have experimented with water bondage and now there are plenty of sources on the net to get your fix of this fetish, even if you feel it is too dangerous for you to embark on your own just yet.

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“Those who want to get wet need no umbrella!”

-Mehmet Murat ildan


Wetlook (or wet look) is an interesting fetish where you like to see people wearing clothes get wet, or you like to see people walking around in soaking wet clothes. It often involves washing, soap suds and other cleaning-themed activities like car washes as well. For many, cleanliness and wetness are sexual attributes of this fetish, but for others it is only about the sensations felt while wearing wet clothes themselves and not necessarily sexual. Or they might like the way it looks enough to get off just from seeing a woman washing her hair, or a bikini beauty climbing up out of her swimming pool.

Wetlook Is A Style

If you are having visions of freezing cold people shivering in their clothes while wet, you can easily change your perspective of this hot fetish. Many people enjoy wetlook because when wet, clothes cling to the body and become slightly see through. This makes those wearing the clothes more vulnerable, as anyone can see exactly what they were trying to hide underneath their layers. It’s super easy to fulfill, as people can get wet in their own homes while wearing clothes. Take a shower; hop in the bath or even dump a bucket of water over your head.

Wet T-Shirt Contests

You have probably heard of the popular spring break phenomenon known as wet t-shirt contests. This is where hot babes wear white tank tops and then get sprayed down with a hose, which turns the tank into a see through garment that is basically useless. When the chicks have nice breasts, it gives it a nice effect. If you’ve enjoyed a wet t-shirt contest, you have already enjoyed the wetlook fetish and didn’t even know it. It’s really just that easy! Knowing that, it’s easy to understand why people like to see beautiful women and hot guys in full body outfits getting soaked.

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“Wrestling is therapy.”

-Eddie Guerero


Everyone knows wrestling is a sport in which people grapple with each other using techniques from various styles including Greco-Roman wrestling and Sambo. Wrestling in pop culture has become larger than life with staged fights and MMA events that don’t really fit the traditional view of what wrestling really was originally intended to display. In a sexual format, wrestling can take a few alternative forms. The main thing that erotic wrestlers enjoy is the physical struggle, and getting pinned beneath a sexual partner. Often, at the end of an erotic wrestling match, the winner will fuck the loser, either with a cock or strap on dildo to demonstrate their Dominance in a memorable way.

Power Play

Erotic wrestling is a varied type of play done between people in a competitive environment where one person is clearly going to win and the other will inevitably lose. The top is muscular and strong, or simply large, and the bottom is often skinny and weak. Bottoms enjoy the feeling of being helplessly trapped, and losing to a stronger more Dominant opponent. Other times it is done between people who are more evenly matched. In these cases, true struggle and the mystery of not really knowing who is going to come out on top combines the natural competitive spirit and libido of each participant to create a session far more exciting than simply rolling over and asking if the other person wants to fuck.


Wrestling is a dangerous sport, and erotic wrestling is even more dangerous because people may jump into it without really knowing how to best protect themselves. It’s pretty common to get an injury if you are inexperienced, especially if grabbing genitals and other dirty tricks are allowed, so you should prepare yourself before accepting a challenge and proceed with caution. If you are going to be wrestling seriously, make sure you wear important safety gear like a mouth guard and cup, also be sure you agree on a safe word and tap out motion to signal when you give up or want the play to stop. Underground tournaments can lead to brutal engagements that leave the mat soaked in sweat, blood and cum before the champion is crowned.

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Wax Play

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Wax play is a type of BDSM play in which a Dominant or top drops hot wax onto the body of a submissive or bottom. By the time the wax reaches the skin, it’s not too hot and it causes a minor burning sensation – but when done properly doesn’t burn the skin or leave any marks. Wax play should be done by people who have good experience because there is some level of danger and risk of harm to the bottom, but it’s fairly easy to avoid this with a little bit of education and experience.

Choosing Your Candle

The most common types of candles used for wax play are Paraffin, and soy candles. Types that you should avoid are beeswax and animal fat candles. Beeswax burns slightly hotter than paraffin and can sometimes be acceptable for wax play, but animal fat candles, like those made from beef tallow can burn extremely hot and that is no good for wax play. In addition, you should try to get the most natural candle possible. Avoid ones that have decorative bits in them, especially ones that look metallic. Try to use unscented candles because oils and scents can increase the burning temperature.

Heating Up

When engaging in a wax play scene it is best to lay down a plastic sheet before hand, because wax does not come off the floor very easily, especially if you have a carpet. It’s quite troublesome and will leave a mark for a long time in your living room! Place your submissive where you want them. Some people like to bind the sub so they can’t squirm away from the wax. Then light your candle and test the wax on yourself once it has melted. Next, drip it over your sub. Remember the most sensitive bits are the genitals and nipples, so the distance the wax travels from candle to contact needs to be varied accordingly. When done well the Dom can smoothly glide a candle over his sub leaving a beautiful trail of wax in his wake, while hovering closer to less sensitive areas and subtly moving further away as the drips cascade down on the most sensitive targets of his affection!

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