Weapon Fetish

“Every little thing about you can be a weapon, if you’re clever enough.”

-Courtney Summers, Sadie


People with a weapon fetish are aroused by a wide array of weapons, ranging from swords, knives, and clubs, to more modern weaponry such as guns and explosives. This can extend to anything that someone thinks of as a weapon as well.

The Fetish

This kink involves people that want to have sex surrounded by weapons, are turned on by the sight of different weapons, or want to have weapons involved during the actual act of sex itself. This may include knife play, needles, guns, and any other sharp or blunt object that could be considered a weapon. It is exceedingly important to make sure that whomever is actually wielding a weapon during play has a firm grasp on its use and any safety practices based around it.

Tips & Safety

Before involving any weapons in your play with another person, make sure that the person wielding any weaponry knows how to properly use it. Along with knowing how to properly use a weapon in a safe manner for play, also set any boundaries and safe-words ahead of time. When knives are used for play, it may work best to have the actual blades slightly blunted, so as not to cause any accidental cuts during play.

There are plenty of chatrooms and forums online that focus on discussions over weaponry, the use of it, and the fascination many people have with it. This may be a good avenue to find someone to erotically play with that actually knows how to use weapons, and that understands safe practices based around their use. Martial artists may be ideal play partners in the realms of weapon use if your interests lean towards swords and knives, and they will often have been taught restraint and control in their usage.

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