Wax Play

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Wax play is a type of BDSM play in which a Dominant or top drops hot wax onto the body of a submissive or bottom. By the time the wax reaches the skin, it’s not too hot and it causes a minor burning sensation – but when done properly doesn’t burn the skin or leave any marks. Wax play should be done by people who have good experience because there is some level of danger and risk of harm to the bottom, but it’s fairly easy to avoid this with a little bit of education and experience.

Choosing Your Candle

The most common types of candles used for wax play are Paraffin, and soy candles. Types that you should avoid are beeswax and animal fat candles. Beeswax burns slightly hotter than paraffin and can sometimes be acceptable for wax play, but animal fat candles, like those made from beef tallow can burn extremely hot and that is no good for wax play. In addition, you should try to get the most natural candle possible. Avoid ones that have decorative bits in them, especially ones that look metallic. Try to use unscented candles because oils and scents can increase the burning temperature.

Heating Up

When engaging in a wax play scene it is best to lay down a plastic sheet before hand, because wax does not come off the floor very easily, especially if you have a carpet. It’s quite troublesome and will leave a mark for a long time in your living room! Place your submissive where you want them. Some people like to bind the sub so they can’t squirm away from the wax. Then light your candle and test the wax on yourself once it has melted. Next, drip it over your sub. Remember the most sensitive bits are the genitals and nipples, so the distance the wax travels from candle to contact needs to be varied accordingly. When done well the Dom can smoothly glide a candle over his sub leaving a beautiful trail of wax in his wake, while hovering closer to less sensitive areas and subtly moving further away as the drips cascade down on the most sensitive targets of his affection!

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