“The heat of the bread burned into my skin, but I clutched it tighter, clinging to life.”

-Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games


Yeastiality is a sexual attraction for leavened culinary items such as bread, cakes, pastry, and dough. Pretty much everyone loves bread, especially fresh baked bread. But someone with a yeastiality fetish loves bread way more than that average connoisseur. They get aroused by the smell of it baking. They sexualize the feeling of the dough and breaking open the bread or cake. The arousal often extends to a desire to have sex with the baked good.

The Infamous Apple Pie

The movie “American Pie” brought yeastiality to the forefront with its very famous scene where the main character, Jason Biggs, is told that having sex with an apple pie is a lot like having sex with a woman. In the scene he first tries penetrating the pie with his fingers and after he decides he likes the feeling, the next obvious step is to penetrate it with his penis. It is at this moment his father walks in and sees him having sexual intercourse with the pie. Though it was a big joke in the movie, this opened up a whole new world for a lot of people with a yeastiality fetish.


For the most part yeastiality is not a big safety hazard. But like any sexual activity involving food you want to make sure that the food cannot stay inside the body, because if it does it can cause infection. If you are penetrating yourself with bread or cake, you will want to make sure it is wrapped in latex so you can’t leave crumbs inside you.

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