“The woman is the most perfect doll I have dressed with delight and admiration”

-Karl Lagerfeld


A zentai suit is usually made of Lycra or spandex and it covers the whole entire body from head to toe. This is a hard fetish for some to understand because it is not about bondage, since you can usually see through the thin Lycra material even if it is covering your face, and the suits usually have gloves for your hands and booties for your feet. For many the zentai suit fetish is all about objectification, because when you are covered fully with a brightly covered garment, which has openings in key locations to provide easy access to the holes of your new generic playmate, they become nothing more than the holes you care about the most. Done properly, zentai gives a submissive the opportunity to emotionally vacate the room so that their mind is elsewhere and all that is left is their physical self at the complete discretion of their Dom.

Complete Anonymity

In Japan, where the zentai suit originated, people enjoy wearing them out and doing silly acts in public with complete anonymity. In other places, they have taken on a more sexual tone and many people enjoy like the anonymity that they provide. For others the anonymity is sexy more because it shows every single curve of the body, while showing none of the skin. In Victorian times a glimpse of ankle was something shocking, and Zentai suits might have this same appeal. It shows off everything that we hardly ever see these days, while still keeping it under wraps.

Spandex Fetish

Some who enjoy zentai suits simply have a spandex fetish and get off from being encased in the material. This is similar to those who have a nylon or stocking fetish who try to cover themselves up in the materials as much as possible. Even if you don’t have a specific fetish for anonymity or spandex, introducing this unique garment into your sex life can be really fun if you’ve been looking for an easy way to spice things up, since the suits are easy to find online in any shape and color.

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