“Feel your ice is thinning
Like a frozen pond in spring
Your furry melting thing awaits me”



Yiffing refers to sex between two members of the furry community. It comes from the sound that arctic foxes make when they are mating. However, it can also refer to affectionate or other kinds of sexual and non-sexual contact between furries.


Yiffing is an onomatopoetic word. If you are a furry, it is a sound you can make to express sexual interest. It can be used in the form of a noise that sounds like saying yiff or actually saying yiff in speech, such as “Are they yiffing?”

Furry Fun

A lot of furry activities are related to animalistic behavior. They have specific terms and behaviors that are used in the community that are related to the animal world, such as puppy piles, which is a big cuddle pile that can sometimes lead to orgies. Furries have a lot of interactions that are similar to animals, such as rubbing noses, sniffing, and animal play (puppy play, pony play, etc). Typically if furries are yiffing, they are having sex and still wearing their fursuits, otherwise it would just be sex.

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