“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”

-W.C. Fields


WTFromantic is more of a catch-all term. A wtfromantic is someone on the aromantic spectrum who does not experience romantic attraction in a traditional way, but also does not identify as grayromantic or demiromantic. Often wtfromantic will also identify as semiromantic or alternatively romantic. 


Wtfromantics often have a hard time explaining their orientation to other people and even themselves. Whereas demiromantics will say they have infrequent crushes or squishes, a wtfromantic will describe their crushes or squishes as “weird” most often. Wtfromantics often have a hard time seeing a line between a romantic relationship and a friendship. They cannot discern between romantic or platonic relationships and can’t necessarily tell the difference or if they are even experiencing a difference. They often engage in queerplatonic relationships. 


There is heavy controversy in the Aromantic community about this term. Some think of it as a joke that minimizes the Aro orientations. Others look at it as a less defined grayromantic orientation. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what it really means to be a Wtfromantic but that you know it if you are. “Weird” is a term that is used frequently in describing their romantic feelings. That word feels full of judgment, but it is only being used as a way to say that these romantic feelings are different and do not fall along the same lines that those of gray or demiromantics do. Some people also use it as a catchall because they are tired of trying to define fluctuating and changing understandings of orientations.

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