“Grab this world by its clothespins, and shake it out again and again. And hop on top and take it for a spin. And when you hop off, shake it again. For this is yours.”

– Anis Mojgani, Songs From Under the River


A zipper in BDSM is a series of clothespins along a length of yarn or string that can be placed on different parts of a person’s body, then pulled off to create a variety of sensations. The removal often makes a sound reminiscent of zippers, hence the name.

The Fetish

Having a fetish with zipper play involves using groups of clothespins, or items that perform a similar function and having them clipped to different parts of your body. When the clothespins are removed from your body it will produce a different range of sensations as the pinching is removed and blood is allowed to flow freely to the space that was pinned. This fetish can involve restraints, or not, and is often implemented with other fetishes at the same time. Clothespins can be put over the tops of different outfits, or directly on the skin, and specialty ones can be used to gauge the tension involved in the pinching of skin. The dominant player could also have their sub wander around with them while clothespins or a zipper are attached to them, slowly releasing different clothespins, and possibly putting others in different places.

What To Do

If you have a budding curiosity in using a zipper or multiple clothespins, you can pursue it on your own at first to see what the sensation feels like and where you find the most enjoyable placement. There are a number of adult films that will involve “Zipper” play, and sexual intercourse is often included with the putting on, and removal, of clothespins. There will be plenty of online resources and groups where you’ll be able to discuss your love of “Zipper” play, and you’ll definitely be able to find other willing partners to participate with you. Some variation of clothespins has existed for a long time, and that means this fetish has been around for a long time as well. If a partner is into nipple clamps at all, then convincing them to use clothespins won’t be that much of a stretch.

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