“You fill up my senses like a night in the forest”

-John Denver


Xylophilia is a sexual attraction to the woods. Wood has been used to reference male erect genitalia forever, but in this case xylophilia is not referring to a hard penis, it is literally an attraction to wood and the woods. Much like other fetishes where someone is attracted to an object or substance, the nuances differ but the response is the same. Someone who is a xylophiliac might have a sexual attraction to a pile of lumber or to a tree, or only one and not the other. It does typically refer to wood in its more raw form rather than a piece of wooden furniture.

Got Wood?

“Wood” is a well-known synonym for an erect penis. But f you look at some of the jokes or references, maybe they were referencing both a hard penis and a hard piece of wood. What did the princess say when she sat on Pinnochio’s face? “Lie to me!” That joke is clearly referencing a girl who really likes some wood…


A xylophiliac may have a sexual attraction to wood, but that doesn’t always mean that they are sexually active with wood. If you find yourself interested in sexual activities with wood, make sure that you are using pieces that have been very well sanded, or start with a store-bought wooden dildo or wood butt plug. Though there is little danger with using wood as a sexual tool, the one main risk is splinters. Also remember that wood is porous, so you will either want to wrap it in a condom or make sure that you are using a piece of wood that has been very well sealed. The issue with wood being porous is that it is impossible to clean thoroughly and that could lead to potential infection.

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