“Wrestling is therapy.”

-Eddie Guerero


Everyone knows wrestling is a sport in which people grapple with each other using techniques from various styles including Greco-Roman wrestling and Sambo. Wrestling in pop culture has become larger than life with staged fights and MMA events that don’t really fit the traditional view of what wrestling really was originally intended to display. In a sexual format, wrestling can take a few alternative forms. The main thing that erotic wrestlers enjoy is the physical struggle, and getting pinned beneath a sexual partner. Often, at the end of an erotic wrestling match, the winner will fuck the loser, either with a cock or strap on dildo to demonstrate their Dominance in a memorable way.

Power Play

Erotic wrestling is a varied type of play done between people in a competitive environment where one person is clearly going to win and the other will inevitably lose. The top is muscular and strong, or simply large, and the bottom is often skinny and weak. Bottoms enjoy the feeling of being helplessly trapped, and losing to a stronger more Dominant opponent. Other times it is done between people who are more evenly matched. In these cases, true struggle and the mystery of not really knowing who is going to come out on top combines the natural competitive spirit and libido of each participant to create a session far more exciting than simply rolling over and asking if the other person wants to fuck.


Wrestling is a dangerous sport, and erotic wrestling is even more dangerous because people may jump into it without really knowing how to best protect themselves. It’s pretty common to get an injury if you are inexperienced, especially if grabbing genitals and other dirty tricks are allowed, so you should prepare yourself before accepting a challenge and proceed with caution. If you are going to be wrestling seriously, make sure you wear important safety gear like a mouth guard and cup, also be sure you agree on a safe word and tap out motion to signal when you give up or want the play to stop. Underground tournaments can lead to brutal engagements that leave the mat soaked in sweat, blood and cum before the champion is crowned.

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