“My right hand’s in my pocket and the other one is giving a high five.”

-Alanis Morrisette


Xeronisus refers to a person who cannot reach orgasm by any method. A more common term used nowadays is anorgasmic. Someone suffering from xeronisus can’t orgasm. They cannot get there through masturbation or partnered sexual activity. This condition is incredibly frustrating to the person suffering as well as for their partners. They are able to feel sexual pleasure but there is no release, which can also cause added frustration. Sadly, this is a common problem for women.

Where is the O?

There can be many reasons someone might have xeronisus ranging from physical health issues, to emotional intimacy issues, trauma, partner intimacy, body image, cultural shame, and religious sexual inhibition. This is such a common issue in women that it is a common theme in movies and TV shows. Every other issue of women’s magazines is telling you how to find the big O. There are articles, courses, podcasts, meditations, and support groups all to help women find their orgasm.

The Sad O

Having xeronisus does more than just keep you from feeling sexual release. It can cause psychological problems of feeling unworthy, unsexy, unattractive. It often leaves the person feeling like there is something wrong with them. It can lead to body image issues, sexual issues, and depression. For partners of people with xeronisus, it can cause feelings of inadequacy and disconnection. One of the hardest parts of dealing with xeronisus is that it often leaves people feeling disconnected from intimacy.

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