“Better be a nettle in the side of your friend than his echo.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


The urtication fetish involves using a nettle plant against your partner’s skin to sting them, or having a nettle plant used on you. Participating in such activities with a nettle plant can be referred to as nettle play.

The Fetish

Using a nettle plant to consensually sting a partner’s skin during a sexual encounter is what this fetish is all about. Using a nettle plant against another person’s skin will invoke stinging and it will leave a rash at the end. The rash in most cases is slight and not too long-lasting, but its presence and the itching involved can serve as a nice reminder for your partner. It isn’t as common of a fetish despite the fact that nettle plants grow readily around the globe. It’s not frequent to discover that a nettle plant’s sting arouses you, since you would have to first come in direct contact with the nettle plant to realize that.

What To Do

This is definitely more of a specialized kink, but the internet can still give you the chance to find opportunities to explore your nettle fetish. It’s a fairly specific preference, so that means you’ll have to ask probing questions and be direct with your online kink community. Don’t worry about what people will think of your fetish – there are plenty of other fetishes that are fairly out there! It might take you a minute to find someone with your specific love of nettle play, but searching online can still improve your chances much more than just asking around your local kink community. There’s also a range of other kinks that involving stinging with different objects, so you might be able to find common ground even with kinksters that have never experienced nettle play. Just remember that as with everything that can sting and cause a rash, you should approach nettle play with caution.

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“Teddy bears are like keys… they’re always in the first place you think they’d be, and the last place you look.”



Ursusagalmatophilia is a kink where people like to dress up as a teddy bear, erotically play with teddy bears, or have others dress up or play with teddy bears.

The Fetish

Having a selection of teddy bears that you may like to play with in a sexual fashion, or have sexual partners dress up as teddy bears before engaging in erotic interactions is part of ursusagalmatophilia. This can extend to adding attachments to existing teddy bears, so that they can perform the sexual duties of penetration during intercourse.

What To Do

When you’re looking for partners to play with as teddy bears, then you may have the easiest time searching in the same places as furries. People that enjoy dressing up as other animal characters will probably be more likely to jump at the chance of dressing up as a teddy bear for you to have sex with. A variety of teddy bear costumes are available online, and if there isn’t one that suits your specific tastes, there are plenty of costumers out there that will be willing to tailor to your teddy bear needs. Whether you’re really into an erotic Paddington, or a titillating Teddy Ruxpin, there will be something for you and your partner to play with.
If you’re really into a teddy bear that doesn’t involve a person in a costume, then there are many different sizes and types of bears available for purchase. There are even sites that will allow you to custom build a teddy bear to fit your specific desires.

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Underwear Fetish

“You will treat my underwear with the reverence it deserves. Next time, you will stop and appreciate–hell, you’ll marvel at the miracle of my ass clad in silk.”

-Molly Harper, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf


An underwear fetish involves being aroused by, or fascinated with underwear, usually women’s underwear. When men have this fetish, it will often be pursued by them collecting, wearing, or smelling women’s underwear.

The Fetish

This fetish will often involve a man, or a woman, asking for another person’s underwear, sometimes after having had sex with them, but not always. The main focus will be on the attaining of, wearing, and/or smelling another person’s underwear.

What To Do

If you have a fascination with the underwear of another person, then asking them about playing with their underwear, smelling, touching, or wearing them should come after you’ve established a mutual interest in each other. You could also find used underwear online if you’re inclined to have some shipped to you. There are a number of Asian companies that specialize in used women’s underwear, and there may even be vending machines for it if you are traveling in Japan.
There are plenty of women that may be willing to help you in attaining your kink by selling you their used underwear for a price, or they may just enjoy the idea of you being aroused by them. Finding others that share your kink won’t be difficult either, and a quick search online will get you in touch with mutual underwear lovers. A possible avenue of contact with mutual kinksters are online communities revolving around underwear, and looking into interactions with camgirls.

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Urethral Play

“I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable.”

-Jim Morrison


The thought of urethral play makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, but it is something that a lot of people truly enjoy. It is basically any type of play that involves sticking something inside of a person’s urethra. This type of play is fairly easy to do for any freak but it does involve some basic training to avoid injury and infection. People enjoy it because it is super freaky and also because it feels really good to some. For others, it feels like garbage and either one is OK.

You Want to Stick What Where?!

Urethral play typically involves sticking sounds, which are basically metal probes into the urethra. Some people just like having that pee hole plugged up, while others actually like to have it stretched out. Catheterization for sexual play is also part of this category, though that adds another level to things, because that also means that your bladder will be controlled. Sounding can be enjoyed by anyone but it is often enjoyed by people in BDSM relationships.


Urethral play is one of the more dangerous activities of sexual play, but the typical ill effects that can occur are relatively minor and are usually easy to heal up. These include minor urethral tears, irritation and urinary tract infections. The most serious of these is a UTI, because if it goes unchecked for too long, then it could turn into a bladder or kidney infection. Watch for symptoms of burning when urinating, frequency of urination and urgency in urination needs to tell if you have a UTI. These are typically more common in women than men, but with urethra play men can get them just as much. If you think you have one and you start to get a fever, go to an urgent care or emergency room immediately because it could be the onset of a kidney infection. With proper sterilization, you can easily avoid these problems with urethral play.

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“It was a miraculous thing to be able to watch the person you love undetected,”

-Ann Patchett


An upskirt is a specific type of camera angle that is sometimes seen in porn movies but is more often used by creepers on the street. It is also an upwards glance into a woman’s skirt when she is on the stairs in front of you in a busy subway station or other spot where you might find yourself in this situation. There is a lot of porn designed to emulate the sudden nature of upskirt shots, and they usually fall under the fetish of voyeurism, so if you’ve been wanting to see something like this, look that up!

When It’s Not Nice

Doing an upskirt shot for real without someone’s knowledge is not that cool. Some creeps go as far as putting mirrors on their shoes so they can look up the skirts of any girl they come across. If you want to catch a glimpse, it’s not really illegal, but being so purposeful may make someone notice your endeavors. Never take a picture of someone’s cooter without their consent, so it’s better to find a friend who will oblige your upskirt fantasies when you are at home or even out on the town. You will have more fun when you both know that you are into the fantasy. All it takes is a short and flirty skirt and a fuck friend who is willing to oblige.

Fantasy Ideas

If you really want to explore your upskirt fantasies, get your fun friend to come and visit. Pick out the perfect outfit for them to go out with you in. Maybe it’s a flirty cheer uniform and maybe it is just a short skirt and a sexy blouse. Then you should go to a place that has a lot of stairs. There are lots of parks that might have this, and a lot of tourist attractions in major cities are all about climbing stairs. Have your sexy friend go ahead of you and just look up! You’ll get the glimpse you were hoping for.

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“Soldiers could fight in leotards, but that’s never going to happen because leotards aren’t intimidating.”

-Erin McKean


The uniform fetish, extremely present in, but not limited to, gay communities, has to do with how sexy different types of uniforms look on people. Those who enjoy uniforms like all different types of get ups. Some prefer military style looks from platoons present and past. Others enjoy firefighter outfits, police uniforms and the gear of authority figures. The uniform fetishes for women tend to be more feminine, with French maids and cheerleader uniforms being the top choices, though anyone can truly wear any uniform they feel sexy in. A lot of the uniform fetish has to do with figures of authority, and some get off on feeling like they are in charge in an official military uniform.


Some uniform fetishists who are into wearing the actual uniforms will go to great lengths to secure authentic pieces for their uniforms that they wear for sexual play. They scour online auction sites, hoping for the exact right piece to come along, checking the year it is from and the provenance, to make sure it goes with the other pieces of their costume. Others aren’t so anal about it, and are ok with pieces purchased at second hand stores or even cheap reproductions from costume shops.

Uniform Play Isn’t Cosplay

There are two key differences. First, Cosplay is far more about fictional costumes while uniform play is almost always rooted in reality. Second, and even more important, cosplay is individualized. With participants trying to share a fantasy about a unique character. Uniform play is much more about the organization than the individual. For example, someone wearing a flight attendant uniform is not trying to emulate a specific flight attendant the way someone wearing a wonder woman cosplay costume is trying to portray that unique individual. Instead, a uniform play flight attendant is trying to share in the fantasy of fucking a random flight attendant, or all flight attendants for that matter.

Role Play

You don’t have to get that thousand dollar authentic World War II fighter pilot uniform you saw online to participate in uniform play. You can actually start with some hot role play when you are completely naked. Part of what people like about uniforms is that it allows the players to step into different roles, so get started with a hot military commander, a naughty police officer or even a doctor who examines those down under places. If you and your partner get into the role-play, head to the local army/navy supply to get some uniform pieces and have more intense and sexy role-play action.

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