“From a mind filled with infinite love comes the power to create infinite possibilities.”

-Marianne Williamson

Definition of Polyamory

Polyamory is the practice of having more than one romantic relationship at a time, or having a romantic relationship involving more than one partner. While there are some differences in how each person or relationship defines polyamory, there are also many similarities between types of polyamorous relationships. Polyamory is designed to be above all honest, responsible and ethical. The practice of loving multiple people simultaneously is not new, though people in polyamorous relationships often face some social stigma. Many polyamorous people believe that love is unlimited. People of all sexualities can be found in polyamorous relationships, including heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and pansexual. Polyamory is not intrinsically sexual in nature, and people can be in intimate relationships, romantic relationships, or a combination of the two. Some asexual people are polyamorous, and aromantic people can be poly as well. While some people who are polyamorous engage in casual sex and are in open relationships, casual sex is not a characteristic of polyamory.

About Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous relationships come in all shapes and forms. Some people utilize hierarchical formats, while others have more of a focus on individual relationships in a non-hierarchical way. Some people might use polyamory as a definition for being able to have casual sex, though this is not in alignment with the accepted definition of polyamory. Polyamory is also not synonymous with being a polygamist, a different type of relationship structure. Enjoying polyamory best starts with understanding what it is. It is not swinging, it is not a term for all forms of open relationships, but rather it is a term that is used to describe people open to or in committed, loving relationships with multiple people.

The Bottom Line About Polyamory

Consensual non-monogamy, or ethical non-monogamy, is an umbrella term used to describe open relationships, swinging, and polyamory. Polyamory is different than both swinging and open relationships in the sense that the focus is on committed and loving relationships with multiple partners. Research has pointed to evidence that more than 20% of Americans have been a participant in consensual non-monogamous relationships at some point during their lives. If you are looking to be polyamorous with a partner, take care to be open and nonjudgmental with your communication. Respect your partner’s feelings and beliefs and do your research. Polyamory can be very rewarding, providing both commitment and flexibility within relationship structures.

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“Now, the penis is round, and the anus is round, while the vagina’s opening is long and narrow; clearly then Nature designed the penis to fit into the anus, not into the vagina.”

-Ada Palmer


Prolapse refers to a fetish dealing with anal prolapse from sexual activity, and is also referred to as rosebudding. Prolapse happens when a person’s rectum collapses and slides out of the anus. This would commonly lead to a trip to the hospital, but in the realm of this fetish a prolapsed anus will often involve sexual activity once the anus has prolapsed, having it be touched, licked, kissed, and played with.

The Fetish

A prolapse fetish involves an individual having anal sex until their anus becomes prolapsed and then continuing to have erotic activity revolving around their prolapsed anus. This is a fetish that has to be done carefully, because the individual with the prolapsed anus might need to receive medical attention soon afterwards. The prolapse fetish can be considered a more extreme form of an anal play fetish. Due to the nature of this fetish, it is best to have a medical professional on hand, or at least a means to get to one very quickly.

Prolapse Safety

Prolapse play is a very dangerous fetish to participate in, and should be handled with care. If you are someone that wants to be on the receiving end of having your anus prolapsed, you should research carefully and make sure you’re willing to deal with the medical complications that may come from it. You can connect with others that have experienced it firsthand or have been present for it in various online communities. There might be an increased chance of finding someone that has experienced it through more gay-centric websites, due to the larger amount of anal sex in the gay community. With all of the problems that can be associated with this fetish, it is in your best interest to educate yourself around the complications that can come from it. There are adult films based around prolapsing that you can watch ahead of time, to see how much this really interests you before you engage in it yourself.

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“I don’t think there is that much difference between a photograph of a fist up someone’s ass and a photograph of a carnation in a bowl.”

-Robert Maplethorpe


Punching as a sex act refers to when you are fisting an orifice, but instead of starting with a duck bill hand you start with a fist. It does not typically involve actual punching but is called punching because it looks like you are punching the rectum or vagina.

Punching VS Fisting

Punching is a more advanced form of fisting and often associated with more hardcore BDSM. Fisting can cause small tears and rips in the vagina or rectum. Typically when you start with fisting you are starting with only one or two fingers and slowly adding more to get the body to stretch and accept your hand. With punching, you are going from 0 to 100 asking the body to immediately stretch and accept the fist. If you do want to try punching, it is a good idea to still do a warm up, otherwise you may cause injury. 

Safety First

Anal punching is typically more painful than anal fisting. If you are doing anal punching make sure to use safety precautions. You need to use a lot of lube. Really, there is no such thing as too much lube. Do not actually punch. Put a closed fist against the rectum or vagina and gently push. Make sure you have a safe word. This is a very intense sexual practice and it is important to communicate with your partner if it is too much. We also recommend doing research on the best way to do punching and anal fisting, so you can learn about the techniques, the risk, and how to enjoy it.

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Power Exchange

“When I am good, I am very good. But when I am bad, I’m better.”

-Mae West


Power exchange is a relationship between a BDSM Master and slave, where the slave serves the Master’s authority. This is not the same thing as a Dominant/submissive relationship which are typically based on love. The power exchange relationship is about power and authority. They can often be mostly sexual fantasy and roleplay, though there are relationships in which the power exchange is a 24/7 lifestyle, meaning they are always in the power exchange dynamic. A well-known early depiction of a 24/7 power exchange relationship is in the book “Venus in Furs”, written by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose last name inspired the word “masochism”.

Symbols of Power Exchange

Because the power exchange dynamic runs so deep, there are many symbols that exist to convey it to the outside world. One such symbol is a collar. Collaring is a commitment of the Master and slave to one another for servitude and protection. The slave is pledging their obedience to their Master and in turn the Master pledges to take care of and protect the slave. For many power exchange relationships collaring is more significant than marriage and requires more trust. Some power exchange relationships also create contracts to define their relationship, especially if they are engaging in a 24/7 lifestyle. The use of such a contract was popularized by ‘Venus in Furs”, which in turn was inspired by Sacher-Masoch’s real contract with a Mistress.

Slave Training

When a Master and slave enter into a power exchange relationship there is often a period of slave training. There is no time limit for this training and it can last for years. If a Master has multiple slaves they will often have levels of initiation or training to award their slaves. The slaves have to work their way through the different levels and each level affords different privileges. It is possible to be a slave to more than one Master, but that is uncommon and if a slave has more than one Master there is typically a hierarchy. Slaves can also be Masters to their own slaves.

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Pre-Cop Agreement

“If you ain’t no punk holla we want prenup!”

-Kanye West


You have probably heard of a prenuptial agreement. It’s a pre-marriage legal document that makes it so that your new spouse can’t divorce you right after the wedding and take all of your money. This is something that many people do if they have a lot of assets in their relationship. However, there is also a similar thing called a pre-cop agreement that you make with someone before fucking them in a casual relationship. There are some common terms and themes that are set forth in pre-copulation agreements aimed at keeping things casual and preparing for the eventual end of the sexual interactions.

The Usual Precop

Pre Cops are usually made between people who are friends with benefits. They are usually verbal agreements unlike their officially legal marriage counterparts. They are mostly made to make sure that people will stay friends and not “catch feelings” for the person they are fucking. They may come up with an agreement to find out what they will do if one person starts to have feelings for the other one, and the agreement usually expresses how much snuggling and relationship type of stuff there will be. Don’t be shy when it comes to talking about this stuff. There’s really nothing to lose because most of the time when it comes to casual relationships you will both be willing to make compromises.

How To Make One

Talking about your feelings or thoughts can be hard, but in this case it is usually worth it, especially if you want to get really freaky with someone new. This is because you will end up with an agreement that will keep your sexual affairs in order. All you have to do is start talking about what you want from your casual relationship and the agreement will start to flow. You can always change the agreement since it’s not legally binding, but it’s all good to talk about!

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Prostate Massage

“The day I can’t pull something useful out of my ass is the day I quit sticking things up my ass.”

-Sean Gibson


A prostate massage is something that can only be done to guys. A great prostate massage can make a guy cum without any cock stimulation, and is usually referred to as prostate milking. A doctor might even do a prostate massage as part of a medical exam, so sometimes people who have a medical fetish especially enjoy prostate massage, but any guy who is not a little bit nervous about anal play is likely to enjoy it.

Milking The Prostate

If you want to give someone a prostate massage, you should stick your pointer finger and or middle finger inside of your partner’s asshole. Have them lie on their back and put your fingers facing up, and then feel inside for a small hard almond shaped bump. That’s the prostate! Then move your fingers against it in a come hither motion. If your guy starts moaning automatically then you know you’re doing a good job. If not, just keep asking if it feels good until you’ve found the perfect spot for them. You can also use special toys that are curved just perfectly for the prostate.

Anal Safety

If you use a toy to stimulate the prostate, make sure that it has a base of some kind so that it does not get sucked up and lost inside of the asshole. Also make sure that you use plenty of lube and your fingernails are not too long. If you have long nails and don’t want to cut them for some backdoor fun, you can always wear a medical glove made of latex or nitrile and then put cotton balls in the tip of the fingers you’re going to use to protect your lover’s booty.

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Pearl Necklace

“Coco Chanel used to talk about wearing more than one string of pearls. Why wear one if you can wear two?”

-C. Joybell C.


A pearl necklace is a thing that some sexy people do for the cumshot after a hot sexual experience. It’s basically when a guy gets so excited that he releases his jizz onto the neck, chest or boobs of a chick, where her cute pearl necklace would normally go. Pearl Necklace is a great move because you can really do it after any type of sex act which includes blowjobs, tit fucking, and good old fashioned pussy pounding. Find out if you like it or not by giving it a try. It’s a rumor that jizz is good for the skin too!

How to Try It

If you have never done a pearl necklace with your partner before, you should ask them what they think about it. If they seem like they might be open to it, or maybe if they are curious about it, you could show them some porn videos with pearl necklace cumshots because they are so easy to find. You could also simply describe the act to them, and see if they are into it. Of all the kinky things you could try, it’s really quite tame, but some women do think that it is almost humiliating or slightly degrading, so if they are not into that, they may not like this idea, however, most chicks would be open to it. Once you have the OK, just let it fly free!

It’s Pretty Safe

The great thing about a pearl necklace cumshot is that it is pretty safe. If you are fucking without a condom, there will be a greatly reduced chance of pregnancy if you pull out and then squirt your load on her chest or neck. However, if you’re fucking without condoms then you should also know that you both have to have the STI talk because there would still be fluid contact even if you don’t cum inside of her. A pearl necklace is a stylish way to leave a chick covered in your gooey jizz, showing her what a freak you are with a thick pearlescent set of genetic jewelry for her to wear!

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“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist.”

-Gloria Steinem


Someone who is pansexual believes that their sexuality isn’t limited by genders. They don’t think that there is a gender binary, and they know that people exist on a spectrum from male to female, with lots of people in between those two points. There are people who do not fit into any gender, known as agender, and people who are transgender, and those who have some other identity that has not been defined by anyone else yet. They will have sex or date anyone and everyone, and they think that your genitals don’t define who you are or what your gender is.

Pan Vs. Bi

You may think that people who identify as pansexual are just bisexuals but in reality those are two very different terms. Bisexual people operate within the gender binary assumption that there are two genders only, male and female. They like both of them, but they probably wouldn’t want to date someone who has a gender identity besides male and female, or perhaps they would but they just don’t know that such a thing exists yet! It’s all a learning process for everyone as people become more open to other gender identities besides male and female.

Are You Pansexual?

How do you know if you are pansexual or bisexual? Well, it’s really quite easy. If you feel like you don’t care what gender the people you date or have sex with are, and if you feel open to dating trans people or agender people, then you may be able to consider yourself pansexual if that is something you identify with. However, even if you do want to date people of any gender, you can use any term you want to describe yourself.

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“I’m going to begin purchasing stuffed animals and endowing them with the qualities people in my life lack.”

-Dov Davidoff


Plushies are often confused with furries, but they are totally different in reality. Plushies are people who enjoy having sex or getting sexy with stuffies, and furries are people who like to dress up in costumes that resemble the toys. Sometimes the two are referred to as being in the same universe or world, even though they are pretty different. With plushies, they often modify stuffed toys to be more functional as sex toys that might involve attaching a dildo or cutting a hole and inserting a masturbation sleeve.

Plushie Origins

People don’t really know how this fetish originates because it seems to pop up organically in people. Most think that is might have to do with how good plush toys make people feel when they first play with them. If you used to be particularly obsessed with collecting them and surrounding yourself with them, then it makes sense that you will enjoy them sexually later on. If you find yourself wanting to try this, just look online and find out what is going on in your local plushie community.

Sharing is Caring

If you find yourself interested in plush toys, don’t worry. You’re not a freak and there’s nothing wrong with you. No fetish is too freaky and there are always people to connect with on any sexual interest. If you need to talk about this fetish with a partner then you can simply bring it up in a playful manner to gauge their interest. If you can’t find anyone who will play with you, try a professional fetish provider as a gateway, or maybe look online for a local plushy group. There are definitely people around who will love to explore your fetish with you. Often you may just have to work at it a bit to find them but when you enjoy something sexual that is not one of the more popular sexual interests, the thrill of hunting others to play with is always part of the adventure.

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“The world is a prison in which solitary confinement is preferable.”

-Karl Kraus


There are whole groups of people who do the opposite of trying to stay out of prison like the rest of us. Well, they don’t want to go to real jail, but they have a fetish for anything that deals with long-term confinement. For some the fetish stems from real life experiences going to jail at an early age, for others, it comes from the idea of being completely helpless and at the whim of the guards. Other guys fantasize about going to prison to become gay in that environment where there is only cock available. Others love the physical aspects of this unique activity. They envision being strip-searched daily, handcuffed and controlled.

Creating the Fantasy

Some people who have a prison fetish actually go so far as to become pen pals or phone pals with a guy in prison to talk about hot prison fantasies. Others simply connect with other people online to talk about their desires for strict 24/7 control all the time. If you have a prison fetish that you want to enact with a partner, you should definitely start with role-playing. It would be easy to get some kind of inmate uniform from a Halloween store or online, and you could just play at home. It’s easy to find a pair of cute handcuffs to make the fantasy even more real.

Careful With The Cuffs

If you are playing with handcuffs, make sure to put the key in a place where you can easily reach it, and always test the key before slapping the cuffs onto someone. It would be easy to misplace a key so make sure you also have extras. Even though handcuffs are a common bondage implement, they are actually one that is quite easy to use improperly. They are sharp and harsh and can cause nerve damage if they are put on too tightly.

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