Pre-Cop Agreement

“If you ain’t no punk holla we want prenup!”

-Kanye West


You have probably heard of a prenuptial agreement. It’s a pre-marriage legal document that makes it so that your new spouse can’t divorce you right after the wedding and take all of your money. This is something that many people do if they have a lot of assets in their relationship. However, there is also a similar thing called a pre-cop agreement that you make with someone before fucking them in a casual relationship. There are some common terms and themes that are set forth in pre-copulation agreements aimed at keeping things casual and preparing for the eventual end of the sexual interactions.

The Usual Precop

Pre Cops are usually made between people who are friends with benefits. They are usually verbal agreements unlike their officially legal marriage counterparts. They are mostly made to make sure that people will stay friends and not “catch feelings” for the person they are fucking. They may come up with an agreement to find out what they will do if one person starts to have feelings for the other one, and the agreement usually expresses how much snuggling and relationship type of stuff there will be. Don’t be shy when it comes to talking about this stuff. There’s really nothing to lose because most of the time when it comes to casual relationships you will both be willing to make compromises.

How To Make One

Talking about your feelings or thoughts can be hard, but in this case it is usually worth it, especially if you want to get really freaky with someone new. This is because you will end up with an agreement that will keep your sexual affairs in order. All you have to do is start talking about what you want from your casual relationship and the agreement will start to flow. You can always change the agreement since it’s not legally binding, but it’s all good to talk about!

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