Urethral Play

“I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable.”

-Jim Morrison


The thought of urethral play makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, but it is something that a lot of people truly enjoy. It is basically any type of play that involves sticking something inside of a person’s urethra. This type of play is fairly easy to do for any freak but it does involve some basic training to avoid injury and infection. People enjoy it because it is super freaky and also because it feels really good to some. For others, it feels like garbage and either one is OK.

You Want to Stick What Where?!

Urethral play typically involves sticking sounds, which are basically metal probes into the urethra. Some people just like having that pee hole plugged up, while others actually like to have it stretched out. Catheterization for sexual play is also part of this category, though that adds another level to things, because that also means that your bladder will be controlled. Sounding can be enjoyed by anyone but it is often enjoyed by people in BDSM relationships.


Urethral play is one of the more dangerous activities of sexual play, but the typical ill effects that can occur are relatively minor and are usually easy to heal up. These include minor urethral tears, irritation and urinary tract infections. The most serious of these is a UTI, because if it goes unchecked for too long, then it could turn into a bladder or kidney infection. Watch for symptoms of burning when urinating, frequency of urination and urgency in urination needs to tell if you have a UTI. These are typically more common in women than men, but with urethra play men can get them just as much. If you think you have one and you start to get a fever, go to an urgent care or emergency room immediately because it could be the onset of a kidney infection. With proper sterilization, you can easily avoid these problems with urethral play.

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