Transformation Fetish

“Teach him to mess with a man and his mannequin.”

-Mannequin, The Movie


Someone has a transformation fetish when they are sexually aroused by the description or actual transformation of a person into something else. The community of transformation fetishists are known as the TF community or TF fans. This term can also reference non-sexual interest in transformation. Though there are BDSM related TF fans, the transformation fetish is not necessarily centered around BDSM

The Transformations

The transformation fetish is varied when it comes to what people transform into. Dollification is a popular transformation fetish, but transformations can include transforming into animals, into supernatural beings, or a more elaborate roleplay where someone is cursed with a spell. The transformation can even be a Jekyll and Hyde type of transformation, where it is more of a character or personality shift rather than a physical transformation.  The transformations can be to get older or younger, age regression or age progression, or a way to engage with gender fluidity. 

In the Movies

We see transformations in the movies all the time – look at the wave of vampire, zombie, and supernatural movies that have come out en masse since the early 2000’s.  The most obvious transformation fetish movie was the move Mannequin. In 1987, the movie Mannequin came out, where a mannequin would come to life at night but only to one person. He fell in love with her and everyone thought he was crazy until she turned into a real person. It is like the romantic sexual version of Pinnochio or the Velveteen Rabbit. And what is the most popular transformation fetish holiday? Halloween, of course.

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