“One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.”

-Nancy Sinatra


To be under the foot or shoe of a beautiful woman is a dream for many submissives out there and the trampling fetish takes it one step further. They actually want to be stepped on or even walked on by these mistresses. Some of them desire to be a human carpet, rolling themselves up in padding and laying on the floor at fetish events in front of areas with high traffic, allowing anyone and everyone to step on them while they order their soda for the evening or check their coats.


The best way to try trampling for the first time is barefoot for the Domme. Even if you have dreams of high heels, try it with no shoes first to see how your body handles it. Most react differently. Try stepping on their back first, and make sure that you have something to hold on to for the first time, so you can keep your balance. If that goes OK, strap on your hottest stilettos. Some actually enjoy having people step on their stomachs, but many out there think this is not a good idea because that’s where all of your vital organs are stored.

Step Up

For most people, getting stepped on sounds like a nightmare, except as a last ditch effort to fix a sore back. However, for those into it, it is a reminder of their submission to their Dominant. They truly feel they belong under their feet or shoes, and it makes them feel at home. Some have had these desires to get stepped on for as long as they can remember, and others got the idea when they started playing kinky sex games as an adult. Remember to have a safe word in place in case things get to intense for your submissive!

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