“The feeling of being alive and at One with everything is available through Tantra.”

-Philip Smith


Tantra is the ancient Indian art of sexuality. It is where the infamous book the Kama Sutra originated which people still look at today to find out what sex positions are best. It was developed around the year 500 and people still turn to it today to get the most out of their sex lives if they have been looking for something new that also includes a bit of spirituality. It is mostly thought of as a practice that leads to enhanced pleasure and even emotional connection between two people in its modern form.

Trying Tantric Sex

If you are interested in learning more about tantra it is best to go to a local group, club or getting a book. There is a lot of information to take in and it is often best to learn from someone who is like a guru, who can help you connect to the energy you desire. The main focus of tantric sex is prolonging the pleasure of the experience, because that is where the energy forms that connects two people together. Some advanced tantric players do not cum for prolonged periods of time, although that is not always how people do things.

The Players

Female professional tantric practitioners are often called Tantrikas. They are people who have studied the art of tantra, probably in India, and they meet with people professionally to help them connect with their inner energy and improve their sex lives. Another term for this type of person is a Dakini. A male who is a tantric practitioner is known as a Daka. These are people who consider themselves able to even transform the different types of energy flowing through the body into sexual energy in the best possible way!

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