“Subspace – A state of non-verbal ecstasy.”



SubSpace is a state of mind that often happens during BDSM scenes, for the submissive. It is a state that is brought on by a combination of brain chemicals and can be kind of addictive because it is a good feeling. It is especially present after scenes with tons of pain play – including impact play, caning, needle play and other forms of pain. Even bondage can bring on a state of euphoria, because of the restriction, as can rough sex and tons of fun orgasms.

The Caution

When someone is in subspace, you need to watch out for them, especially if you are in a public space with other people around. Subspace makes people especially vulnerable to others who are around, because they lack the general shyness or filters that they may have usually. They might agree to things they wouldn’t normally, and they may seem OK but be totally out of it. Doms should monitor their subs for the whole evening until they go home. In addition, subspace can be an emotional place to be for many, so Doms need to be sure to administer aftercare to their precious toys.


Subdrop is a condition that occurs after the euphoria of subspace. It can feel like a depression or sadness and the proper amount of aftercare is something that can avoid this happening. Even if it does happen, it’s OK, you will just have to administer more after care to make sure that your sub ends up feeling happy and fulfilled at the end of the day. Subdrop can feel scary to the sub so just assure them that everything will be OK and that you will take care of them until they are feeling better.

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