“In all the world there is no love for you like mine.”

-Maya Angelou


A squish is the aromantic and asexual version of a crush. It is a strong desire to have a close platonic relationship with someone. A squish is a platonic attraction rather than a sexual or romantic one.

Why Get Crushed?

A crush is called that for a reason. You have an attraction for someone, they do not reciprocate, and you feel crushed. A squish is more like a hug. What makes a squish great is it does not need to be reciprocal. A squish is the non-heartbreaking “just friends” approach to an aromantic or asexual relationship. When people have a squish they often want it to become a “zucchini”, which is a term used when a squish is reciprocated and has become a queerplatonic relationship partner. Usually the term zucchini is a synonym to “queerplatonic partner”, although its usage is a bit controversial. Some people find it cute and other people find it diminutive or needlessly confusing as a term, maybe even unnecessary.

My Squish is Married

The great thing about a squish is that it does not matter if the person is married, gay, straight, monogamous, polyamorous, asexual, aromantic, allosexual or alloromantic, because it is all about desiring a super close friendship. Some people may describe intense bromances as squishes or even an unacknowledged QPR. 

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